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Still go to an SI?


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hi! I want to go to an SI this year, but i'm not taking pointe yet. :) . My teacher said that i'll be getting them by February. I know that Feburary is before all of the SI's, but I'm worried about the auditions. Even if they are in Feb, i won't be able to do as much since i'll just be a begginer. Should i wait for next year to go to an SI, or should i audition anyway?:confused: thanks!

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If you are 13 or 14 you might be accepted with very little pointe work, but if you are 15 or 16 then you would be expected by most programs to be more advanced. There might be some programs who accept less experienced dancers. Check all the Dance or Pointe Mag. ads in mid December when the January issues come out and see what they say about levels. Also check the web sites of the schools you would like to audition for. You might try Burklyn Ballet Theatre, in Vermont, which is a very good program for first time SI experience.

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