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a little help here?

Guest DWMA24

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ok, I need some help in a couple of places:


1: How can I improve my turn-out?


2: How can I strenghten my ankles?


3: How can I improve my posture?


4: How can I improve my fouttes?


Any tips, please.

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Just what we're here for! :)


Let me begin by saying that if you take care of the first three, the fourth will take care of itself!


We have a section of the board reserved as a read-only area, with posts from almost back to the beginning of the board's history, And the largest share of it is Young Dancers' threads. Check there first, especially in "YD Stretches and Exercise" for material relating to improving turnout/rotation. Also check "YD Pointe/Technique/Method for tips about ankles. Posture is found there, too, often with titles about "alignment". You can go there by opening up the little window at the bottom of the page which says "forum jump" - click there, and a dropdown menu appears. Scroll down that until you hit Archives, then jump right in and see all the stuff we've got filed about it. You may want to alter your options from your "user control panel" to "show all threads" so you can find everything. It doesn't take any longer to load than the default setting, so you can see the thousands of posts we have just for you.

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