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Does Washington Ballet do rolling admissions? Does Houston? I was just wondering because I can already see that ABT will be a problem with their deposits being due so early. To make a very long confusing story short, I am worried about when and where to auditon because during January and February, my company prepares for its big performance in early March. We are doing a brand new ballet this year in which I have a very big riole. The rehearsals for this ballet will be on Sunday's because my partner will only be able to rehearse on Sundays. If I audition for ABT and Houston on January 11 and 12, I will only miss one Sunday of company rehearsals, if I audition for the two programs later in February, I will be missing two Sundays of rehearsals. I really don't want to miss Sundays bescause I don't want to hurt the company, but I realize that it would probably be better to audition for ABT later because of their cooky admissions system. What should I do? Oh, Ms. Leigh I received your email and thank you! I am still in the process of figuring out when I will be coming though, but I should be letting you know in a few weeks when I figure out when I can come. I'm excited! :)

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Houston does not have rolling admissions, nor does Washington Ballet, only ABT. Wait until the latest possible audition date for them.

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