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shin splints

Guest dance4life87

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Guest dance4life87

I was wondering that well I got shin splint starting yesterday , and now they hurt sooo bad does anyone know like if I should put ice on my legs or how long it will take for this to like heal? Or just anything that will help it go away fast!

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Dance4life, I moved this over to YD because it is really a question for teachers to answer, since it deals with injury.


I wish I could give you a "magic" cure for shin splints, but unfortunately there isn't one. Nor can I tell you how long it will take, as that depends on how bad it is and also if the cause can be determined and corrected. So, the most important thing is to figure out what is causing it.


There are a number of different things that can cause shin splints, and one of the major ones is rolling in on landings. When you roll inward with your knees and ankles, it puts stress on the tiny muscles along the shin bone and they get microscopic tears away from the bone. It sounds worse than it is. They DO heal. But the stress causing it needs to be removed. It can also be caused by walking, running, and wearing the wrong shoes!


So, get with your teacher and try to figure out what the cause is, and in the meantime, yes, ice will be helpful. And probably stop jumping for a few days until it is better.

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RICE = Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.


It's the general first aid for any pain along a limb. Apply cold packs, don't use the leg that hurts as much, tie it in an Ace bandage or even a shin brace available at sports shops and pharmacies, and put your feet up while you rest. It helps with the circulation of blood to the affected area.

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