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stiff arms

Guest alliecat93

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Guest alliecat93

I have a very big problem with my arms. I don't lossen them or let them breathe at all. I believe it's from my training, but now that I go to another school, it's become apparent that that's something I really need to work on. I really foucus on trying to not hold my arms so stiffley, but I just can't seem to get that "flowy" look. Is there anything I can think of that might helps me? Or maybe some exercises I can do? Thanks soo much to everyone who helps! :)

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Allie, start by very carefully watching your teacher in terms of the movement, not just the steps! Look at the whole picture. This will not change overnight, as you have probably spent a long time being stiff. So, patience, and a lot of practice :) Spend some time every day in front of a mirror, play some music, and move your upper body and arms in space feeling as much total freedom and breath as you can find. Try some images, like moving gently through water, or moving the clouds, or whatever works for you. Don't forget that joints are there for a reason! Your elbows and wrists need to have MOTION in them, and the wrists should not have any tension.

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OK, arms are always difficult for everybody. They seem to have minds of their own.


The thing that's tricky about ballet arms is that they, like the legs are turned out from the torso. The difference in the arms from the legs is that the upper part rotates from its originating joint to turn the limb out, but the forearm rotates back inward, in order to keep you from going about with your palms up and dropping your elbows. It's sort of isometrics - working one set of muscles against another.


My teacher always used to teach us to think that we had an extra joint between our elbow and our wrist, and to lead with that point on the forearm when doing any port de bras at all. I sometimes take a little piece of tape and stick it to a student's arm in order to show him/her how to "lead" with the arm. I just pull on the tape, direct the arm where it should go, and the idea gets across.;)

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I had(and still do) a problem with straightening my arm in 2nd position..


Its a really hard one to fix because your mind is so focused on combinations and staying square, etc... But you have to keep checking yourself all over in the mirror to make sure everything is correct(and trust me, one look in the mirror at stiff arms will immediately grab your attention.


You might want to try and practice yoga.. Yoga kinda taught me how to relax my entire body(and I'm a late starter in ballet so I REALLY needed to know that otherwise I would never be where I am today)

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