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I have heard that the salaries of big comanies are good, but what is good? I went searching back through posts and found a post with a link to a site staing the salaries of several companies including NYCB and Houston Ballet. Very interesting! Not as bad as I thought. NYCB's were really good! How do ABT's compare with these? NYCB dancers made between 1500 and 2000 a week.

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Medora, I think those might be top figures, like for principal dancers, not for corps and soloists. You have to also remember that they do not work 52 weeks a year, and they are not paid when not working. ABT is close to NYCB, but not quite the same, if I recall. Also, those companies are considerably higher than most companies, particularly regional companies.

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Yeah I know those are higher than is normal and those were for principals and soloists, but if I recall the corp's salaries weren't that bad. I just saw the figures and was just curious.

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ABT benchmarks NYCB salaries and tries to keep pace with them. However, they are on tour much more often than NYCB, and get per diem for time on the road. They may get a good deal of money any week they work on the road, but per diem gets eaten fast on tour!

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