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Sanna Koulu

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To put it briefly..


Hi - I'm new, very excited about ballet and very glad to have found such a wonderful and supportive group of fellow dance-maniacs :)


I thought I'd introduce myself over here instead of the introductions board, since this and the adult ballet students board are the ones I've found myself reading compulsively. Great substitute for dance class, eh..


I'n an adult beginner too, now 25, and have been taking ballet classes for a grand total of one month now :rolleyes: My first - and still enduring - love was Finnish folk dance, which ensnared me a few years back. Nowadays I'll dance most anything, though I'm not very good at any of it. I took a few ballet classes to find out what my friends were enthusing about (*waves at Jaana & Päivi*) and am now most truly hooked.


(In fact, I was also wondering - is it an inherently bad idea to begin ballet with 5-6 hours of classes per week?)


Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you all here. G'night for now :)


- Sanna

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Hi, Sanna and welcome to the Adult Students' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!:rolleyes:


We're glad you find the materials we make available here useful. Feel free to read the Young Dancers' materials, too, as they can be great sources of technical and other information. Leave the posting there to the teens, however, as that's their domain - if you have a question about something you read there, by all means quote it, and ask about it on this forum!:)


Please feel free to use the General Discussion forums, too. Everybody has questions and comments that can be posted there!


I'm very happy that we're building a Finnish contingent here on Ballet Talk! And no, I don't think that if you're in reasonable health, 5-6 hours is too much to start for an adult beginner. Many exercise programs ask as much time, and many more!

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