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2 different methods

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Guest ballet_shalom_forever



I take 4 hours of ballet at the best school in my area (many of the girls have later goen to professional, full time academies and companies and we have world famous dancers come in for our summer schools).


Howver, the school only offers 4 hrs weekly. I would like to take extra classes, when i can afford them, but the problem is my current school teaches the Russian Method and all the other studios in the area teach RAD. I am 16 so more classes owuld be a good idea since i haven't been dancing that long. Would the difference in the methods hurt my training?


Also, I've heard the director at my school doesn't like students taking classes elsewhere. I'm thinking about keeping quiet, but some other students say i'd be better if I just be honest and that the director wouldn't mind. Whats should I do?




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If you have not had much training in ballet, I think it might be a bit difficult to study RAD and Russian at the same time. Perhaps if you talk to your school about finding more classes for you to take they could work out a more intensive plan for you.

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Guest ballet_shalom_forever

Thanks Miss Leigh.

Trust me, I've lookat at my situation from 20 different angles - including taking extra classes that you suggested. But i am training with level 3's (although i havent done any exams yet) and on our first weeky class we (the level 3's) take class with level 2's - on the second one we take classes with level 4's so i wouldnt be able to take classe with other level, and i dont think they'd let me anyways.


That's why i see taking RAD classes as my only option. My classes in RAD wont be as many as my Russian classes, at least for now. If i have enough money (and depending on what ballet experts say:p ) i was thinking next year i might take an almost equal ammount from both RAD and Russian method classes.



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RAD stands for Royal Academy of Dance, and is a method developed by Ninette de Valois and others out of Cecchetti and the old Espinosa schools, and has continued to absorb and develop with inclusions from other methods carefully made and regularized within a worldwide system. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

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