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Ballet Companies With 28 Week Contracts or More


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I was hoping to find or start a comprehensive list of all of the companies currently offering real, viable work (28 weeks or more).


Simply because you have heard of the company, does not necessarily mean that they offer contracts to their dancers for more than 1/2 of the calendar year. So, if unsure about a company you are thinking about, how about making a call or doing a little research?


I'm sure we could come up with the top 10 pretty easily and then fight about, uh discuss, the next five or so. But, what about the other 15 or more in this category?


This could be very helpful as our dancers reach the age where they need to start making their company audition plans and also need to look very realistically at where the jobs might be for them, if not with those companies at the top of the list.


Following is the beginnings of a list showing budget amounts and contract length. Please post any additions or corrections.


Companies with Budgets in Excess of $1 Million


1 New York City Ballet NY $42,963,000

2 San Francisco Ballet CA $25,226,909

3 American Ballet Theatre NY $25,135,609 -36 weeks

4 Boston Ballet MA $17,620,916 -40 weeks

5 Pacific Northwest Ballet WA $12,603,513

6 Houston Ballet TX $12,074,506 -44 weeks

7 Joffrey Ballet of Chicago IL $10,692,080

8 Miami City Ballet FL $10,496,404

9 Pennsylvania Ballet PA $8,065,245

10 Dance Theatre of Harlem NY $7,933,414

11 Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre PA $7,289,735 -38 weeks

12 Ballet West UT $6,391,138 38 weeks

13 Atlanta Ballet GA $6,262,363

14 Colorado Ballet CO $5,270,047 -33 weeks

15 Cincinnati Ballet OH $4,923,490 -33 weeks

16 Milwaukee Ballet WI $4,843,385

17 Fort Worth Dallas Ballet TX $4,388,006 -36 weeks

18 Oregon Ballet Theater OR $4,296,274

19 Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley $4,256,849 -31 weeks

20 BalletMet Columbus OH $4,125,913 -36 weeks

21 Washington Ballet DC $3,839,517 -36 weeks

22 Kansas City Ballet MO $3,747,702 -35 weeks

23 Dance Connecticut CT $3,712,833

24 Ballet Florida FL $3,658,489 -40 weeks

25 Ballet Tech NY $3,628,518

26 Carolina Ballet Theatre NC $3,585,151 -37 weeks

27 Ballet Arizona AZ $3,320,538 -30-32 weeks

28 Richmond Ballet VA $3,217,009 -24-40 weeks

29 Ballet Memphis TN $3,047,972 -40 weeks

30 American Repertory Ballet NJ $3,001,991

31 Tulsa Ballet Theatre OK $2,946,691 -34 weeks

32 Louisville Ballet KY $2,915,413 -33 weeks

33 Ballet Austin TX $2,843,632 -34 weeks

34 Ballet Internationale IN $2,750,951 -38 weeks

35 North Carolina Dance Theatre $2,497,490 -30 weeks

36 Sarasota Ballet of Florida FL $2,468,135 -34 weeks

37 Smuin Ballets SF CA $2,067,974 -34 weeks

38 Nevada Dance Theatre NV $2,000,553 -30 weeks

39 Ohio Ballet OH $1,862,465

40 Oakland Ballet CA $1,852,649

41 Southern Ballet Theatre FL $1,734,097

42 Sangre de Cristo Ballet CO $1,656,620

43 Nashville Ballet TN $1,653,550 -30+ weeks

44 Eugene Ballet Company OR $1,344,326

45 Philadelphia Dance Company $1,309,675

46 Central PA Youth Ballet PA $1,295,148

47 Grand Rapids Ballet MI $1,291,287

48 St. Joseph Ballet CA $1,277,637

49 Minnesota Dance Theatre MN $1,140,016 -29 weeks

50 Ballet Oklahoma OK $1,136,769 -32 weeks

51 New Jersey Ballet Company $1,110,044 -30 weeks

52 Ballet Pacifica CA $1,045,510 -40 weeks

53 Alabama Ballet AL $1,015,890

54 Columbia City Ballet SC $1,010,858 -30-34 weeks


Companies Under $1Million w/ 28+week Contracts


Aspen/Santa Fe Ballet 40 weeks

Atlantic Contemporary Ballet 34 weeks

Augusta Ballet -34 weeks

Ballet Quad Cities -33 weeks

Channel Island Ballet 30 weeks

Corpus Christi Ballet 34 weeks

David Taylor Dance -35 weeks

Dayton Ballet -33 weeks

Greensboro Ballet -36 weeks

San Diego Ballet -24-28 weeks

State Street Ballet -28-34 weeks

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We have about 25 weeks for the calendar year 2002. I don't know what criteria you're using for your ratings, so I have no idea where we would fall.


Jose Mateo's Ballet Theatre (Boston)

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There is a publication called The Dance Directory that lists all relevant information about all the major (and minor) ballet companies in the US. Information listed includes length of contract, contact information, audition requirements, whther they affer a benefits package, whether or not they are a AGMA (or other union) company. It is an amazing resource. I think you can order it directly through them. Their website is www.dancepro.com

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LMCtech, for some reason I couldn't get anywhere by clicking on that link but when I used it in "Google" it worked. :D Probably my AOL account! Apparently one must send them an email to order that directory. Right now they still list it as 2001, but if someone actually emails them there may be a more current one available. http://www.dancepro.com/store.asp

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There are several companies that are not in the union, but do offer 28+ week contracts, very good benefits, etc. Sounds like the list mentioned above is a good resource. I'm going to try to order the list and see what I get, thanks!


Anyone else out there know of small to mid-size companies that offer contracts that approximate 2/3 of a calendar year? Surely there are more than what we have come up with so far!

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And for the VERY adventurous, there is Europe..... Germany in particular has many theaters with Ballet ensembles which work ten months or more a year; the pay is year-round.


But, it is far away from north America, and more and more of these companies are being "rationalised" away due to budget problems.



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Thanks, balletbooster, for the great idea. This is very helpful to my daughter right now.

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Guest Watermill

I'm pretty sure Oregon Ballet Theatre pays dancers for at least 28 weeks, especially if the NYC summer tour continues.


BTW: new AD Christopher Stowell is looking to expand company from 20 to 25.

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I'm still dubious of the criteria that will be used to order this list. How are the companies to be ranked? Pay to dancers? Total number of dancers? Size of subscriber base? Total ticket sales? Quality of reviews? Quantity? Level of activity in producing new choreography? Number of old classics presented? Surveys of dancer satisfaction?

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I think number of weeks of employment?


I think Sacramento Ballet has a pretty long contract though I'm not sure just how long. It is a very stable company that's had the same artistic director for over a decade.

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