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Ballet Companies With 28 Week Contracts or More


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As I understand the rule, this provision only applies to auditions for company membership. Auditions for Summer Intensives are not covered, at least in my reading of the agreement. My copy of the general agreement, however, may be dated.


The union is expected to make "hiring-hall" type auditions available to its members. What happens with non-members is not clear.

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Please read this thread and if you have something to add to it, please do because it's an excellent resource. :flowers:

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With all the discussion on "career counseling" for dancers who are soon heading out to the real ballet world of work... I thought this thread might be of more service if I moved it to Cross Talk and brought it back up for some fresh air, too. :wallbash:

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found this oldie but goodie thread....


re: AGMA companies may not charge for auditions--Joffrey is not charging for their auditions this year.

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The last one shown on this thread is from FY 02.... Wondering if there is one from 04 yet? Does anyone know John Munger (at dance usa) personaly, if so they might be the person to ask for it. I think its neat to note that there was a pretty substantial increase in companies reporting expenses above 1 mil from 54 in 2002 to 75 in 2003. I expect to see Charleston added, but am also wondering which companies and how many will drop from the list. Also wondering, if it is inappropriate to speculate openly about which ones that might happen to.



Company Name Expenses FY 03


New York City Ballet $45,475,000.00

American Ballet Theatre $35,202,289.00

San Francisco Ballet $28,204,233.00

Boston Ballet $21,964,064.00

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre $16,471,872.00

Pacific Northwest Ballet $15,639,543.00

Houston Ballet $14,378,145.00

Joffrey Ballet of Chicago $10,629,784.00

Miami City Ballet $9,491,418.00

Pennsylvania Ballet $9,361,359.00

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre $8,037,789.00

Atlanta Ballet $7,563,555.00

Dance Theatre of Harlem $6,706,323.00

Ballet West $6,667,970.00

Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley $6,619,093.00

Cincinnati Ballet $5,864,741.00

Colorado Ballet $5,684,825.00

Washington Ballet, The $5,360,985.00

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago $5,350,664.00

Milwaukee Ballet $5,196,862.00

BalletMet Columbus $4,927,819.00

Carolina Ballet, Inc. $4,804,852.00

Paul Taylor Dance Company $4,769,448.00

Oregon Ballet Theatre $4,686,553.00

Merce Cunningham Dance Company $4,380,959.00

Kansas City Ballet $4,375,505.00

Ballet Austin $4,212,416.00

Ballet Florida $4,157,290.00

Mark Morris Dance Group $4,123,806.00

North Carolina Dance Theatre $4,001,959.00

Texas Ballet Theater $3,751,032.00

Ballet Tech $3,672,244.00

Ballet Memphis $3,156,985.00

Tulsa Ballet Theatre $3,146,805.00

Louisville Ballet $3,093,747.00

Nevada Ballet Theatre $3,061,761.00

American Repertory Ballet $3,039,617.00

Richmond Ballet $2,986,078.00

Ballet Hispanico of New York $2,985,286.00

Ballet Arizona $2,899,132.00

Ballet Internationale $2,729,195.00

Trisha Brown Company $2,492,654.00

Sarasota Ballet of Florida $2,416,433.00

ODC/San Francisco (FY 02) $2,255,535.00

Alonzo King's LINES Ballet $2,148,712.00

Nashville Ballet $2,141,425.00

Dayton Ballet $2,126,112.00

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet $2,123,977.00

Orlando Ballet $2,111,120.00

Sacramento Ballet $2,092,385.00

Smuin Ballets SF $2,066,457.00

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company $2,008,303.00

Oakland Ballet $1,952,059.00

Pilobolus $1,893,062.00

Alabama Ballet $1,788,661.00

Ballet Pacifica $1,717,180.00

Garth Fagan Dance $1,652,031.00

Central PA Youth Ballet $1,579,122.00

Limon Dance Company, The $1,547,455.00

Martha Graham Dance Company (FY 02) $1,486,945.00

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company $1,444,989.00

Festival Ballet Providence $1,442,380.00

Grand Rapids Ballet $1,409,979.00

Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico $1,374,779.00

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble $1,355,311.00

New Jersey Ballet Company, The $1,354,701.00

Ballet Oklahoma $1,345,884.00

Ohio Ballet $1,261,829.00

Eugene Ballet Company $1,255,652.00

Philadanco $1,241,315.00

California Ballet $1,219,249.00

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo $1,214,286.00

Rennie Harris Puremovement $1,149,157.00

Ballet Idaho $1,114,539.00

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange $1,035,998.00

Parsons Dance Company, The $1,014,376.00

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Company expenditure for public companies is public information. Does anyone know how public College expenditures are? I am not sure how Public and Private school information would vary in its availability. I would be interested to see how those numbers look.

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I've emailed Mr. Munger asking for an updated list. He was extremely helpful last time we spoke, so hopefully he will send some new data and I'll post it here! :)

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Looking forward to seeing the updated list...thanks for requesting!

There used to be a link to a site that offered info about each company and the salaries/benfits/weeks of contract, etc.

Through search I found old link, but it is no longer working. Anyone know where that came from? Maybe you could list new link?


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Me too, Ed! I heard back from him shortly after I wrote him. He asked me to send him the spreadsheet he had originally sent me back several years ago so he could give me the same information. I sent it right to him. But, thus far, I've not heard back. :sweating: I've sent two follow-up emails, but no answer. So, I'm still waiting. I promise to post it as soon as I receive it! :wacko:

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