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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers


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Ok, since its the holidays soon..very soon..its time to think about Christmas shopping.

So what gifts are great for ballet teachers/pianists/teaching assistants?

I have 2 fabbo teachers, 2 great pianists and one teaching assistant that I should buy at least one thing for. Being a student it is hard moneywise. So ideas anyone?


If money were no concern, I guess I would buy one of those wonwderful Nutcrackers I saw in MAcys..oh they were gorgeous, but I guess ballet teachers must have at least 10 Nutcrackers or, if they see another Nutcracker they might explode..so perhaps not such a good thing. Oh and they have these delightful fairies or angels, but they are really quite pretty....

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Please avoid anything that has to do with ballet! We are sooooo overloaded with ballet ornaments, little hanging pointe shoes, and other things with ballet as a theme that we really do not want to see any more!


Sometimes a card made by a student, with heartfelt thoughts, can be just as meaningful as a gift. I will admit to also really enjoying gift certificates, and they don't have to be huge ones. Ten or twenty dollars at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble or Borders, or a local department store are always great. I am a dog lover, and have a Yorkie, but I will also admit to still loving dog and Yorkie calendars and things :D Just no pointe shoes! :eek:

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Guest Rosalin

I had to laugh at this thread because I've been thinking about this all week. My husband was no help with ideas. What do you get someone that seems to already have everything? I think Victoria gave some really good advice. A gift certificate is what I will do this year. Thanks for the tips.



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I second gift certificates. Barnes & Noble. Crabtree & Evelyn. If money is an issue, then a pretty card and a little peppermint soap from aforementioned C & E; or something else small, but good. Quality is more important than flash.


Nothing with ballet (or in my case, sewing *or* ballet!) We have enough: we buy ourselves treats of what we really want. That said, one of my dear friends bought me wonderful tiny Gingher embroidery scissors last year and they are truly the most wonderful thing imaginable for general or backstage use....I think of her gratefully every time I need something that really **cuts!**


I used to buy people on my crews backstage the excellent small flashlights--tiny, tiny ones for wearing on the neck ribbon with scissors. Or a beautiful ornament that isn't necessarily for a tree--snowflakes or such which are nice for winter display, not necessarily just for holiday.


Socks. Not too cutie pie if for a teacher (fishnets or lace or something beautiful.)

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Guest DancerLegs

I like to give bubble bath, foot lotion, shower gels, etc., things to pamper a tired dancer body. So far they seem to have been much appreciated, and it's something that can be used up and doesn't have to be displayed forever like a knick-knack or something.

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I also go with body products :P Lavendar bath salts are wonderful - very relaxing and helps get the toxins out of sore muscles! A nice energizing foot lotion is a good idea too. Or you can go with the gift certificate idea and let them pick their own treat.

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I think luxurious body products are a great idea. A company called "EO" has some wonderful gifts sets, as does a company called "Cowgirl." If you are on a tight budget, you could even make your own scented bath salts, using sea salt and some essential oils of lavender, geranium, clary sage, etc... Put the scented salt in a pretty glass container with a ribbon around the neck.


I just had another idea--most teachers don't have enough barre music CDs, so perhaps a gift certificate to Backbay Dancewear or another supplier of music would be appreciated.

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If you know their drinking habits, a nice bottle of wine is an excellent choice. For tea totlers (SP?), gourmet coffee or Tea.

Since Christmas usually signals the end of Nutcracker season, a bottle is usually welcome to calm the nerves.

Several students could get together and buy a trip to a day spa or Salon.

I once found a calendar of European Opera houses, my teachers had danced at several of those, and they really liked that gift.


No Nos for Gifts:


Candy (even dance teacher watch their weight)

Nuts (visions of Nutcrackers!)

Anything pink!

Ballet realted stuff

Religious related, Unless you really know their faith!




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