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Career for tiny people

Guest pointequeen

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Guest pointequeen

I'm very tiny(5'1) and I really want to become a professional ballerina when I am older. Most dancers are pretty tall and have very long legs. Do tiny(I don't like using the word short) have a chance of a proffesional career? :confused:

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Guest Leigh Witchel

Hi Erin!


Apologies to the moderators for barging in on the Young Dancers forum, but thought I could answer with some advice. If 5'1" will be your full grown height, it is tougher to get a job (you fall outside the norm) but it is not unheard of. It's the height of the dancer who has danced with my group the longest.


One piece of tough advice I would give though is take a good honest look at your technique, facility and proportions. At 5'1" you might not be in the corps, because you stand out too much. So just like women who are "too tall", you have to be good enough to be a soloist. It's been done - it takes work, facility and luck!


Heights of ballet companies run in cycles. Both NYCB and ABT have crept shorter recently because of an influx of talented shorter men who need partners.


So it's harder, but it's been done. Be prepared, but be honest with yourself and good luck!

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Thank you, Leigh. That was so very well stated, and so true!

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I danced at Houston with a girl who was AMAZING, but about your height. She was considered too short for Houston, but is now with Tulsa, and I have heard she is quite happy and well liked there.

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