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Guest Emily1986

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Guest Emily1986

Hi everybody

I just thought I would post a message asking what everybodys favourite stretches are. If everybody posts then we can all hopefully learn some new stretches, and maybe improve how we are doing some old ones.



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Hi Emily -


If you want to go shopping for stretches, you can just go down to the forum jump window at the bottom of this page and use the dropdown menu to find scads of stretches, in the YD Stretches and Exercise Archive Forum. I recommend you open up your viewing preferences, too, to "show all threads" and go shopping around the current active boards for stretches. We've got a ton of them still active.

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Another thing about everyone giving their favorite stretches is that not all stretches are good for everyone, and, it's always best to be shown stretches by your teacher rather than just doing anything that someone else does.

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