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Back strength and flexiblity?

Guest PerfectPointe

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Guest PerfectPointe

Ok well im going on pointe soon and I know you need stron feet ankles back stomach and arches. I m working on everything except for the back part. do any of you know any good streches/excersises i can do for my back? anything else u can think of that would prepare me for pointe i would love to hear! I need all the help i an get!


p.s i know this should be in the streches and excerising place but it wouldnt let me post there. Sorry!



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Hello Dee. welcome to Ballet Alert! Online, and especially the Young Dancers' forum :)


The reason you can't post in the YD Stretches and Exercises is that it is not a forum, but an archive. It is a data-base of past topics which are no longer active, so they are "read only".


Strengthening the back is really mostly a matter of strengthening the abdominal muscles. Flexibility in the back is built into classes with all of the cambrés that you do :) While extra work can be most helpful, you really do not need to do a lot of things that are not taught in classes. Ballet classes are designed to build the strength that you need to progress and to do pointe work, if you have good training, enough training, and the physical facility to adapt to pointe.

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