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long legs

Guest pointequeen

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Yes, but you don't want to do them, and you probably wouldn't find a surgeon willing to do the work on a perfectly healthy individual.


The most useful thing I can tell you is to use your legs as they are now, and use them long! Don't throw yourself out of alignment, but think of every movement, every developpé stretching out as if into infinity.

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Erin, you are sounding a bit desperate here :rolleyes: Actually the slightly higher cut leg can make your legs look longer, but just not too high cut for ballet classes :eek: Otherwise, there is not much you can do except to continue to elongate your line with a lot of stretching, be sure that you are always standing really well, and dance BIG.......that is, use space and MOVE! Stretch everything to the very end and make yourself dance like a tall dancer :) Oh, and wear your hair in a very high bun! ;)

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