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technique ques.

Guest Medora

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I have just a few technique questions.

On my pique turns on pointe, I start out with my suporting leg strait, bend it, and then straighten it back up to up on it. I'm not turning on a bent leg, but I bend it during the rond de jambe and straigthen it again when I go on pointe. And worst of all, I don't feel it! My leg feels staight!

On my turns, my arms are too low, do you have any advice for raising them? The used to be too high,but now they are too low.

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Medora, if you are doing a piqué onto a bent leg, the way to correct that is to just practice the piqué action, without the turn, over and over until your body understands how to step FROM a plié to a straight leg.


As for the arms, if you know they are too low, then raise them. There is no secret to that. Knowing the problem is the way to the cure :(

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It sounds like you're making the piqué more difficult than it is, by doing the coupé between into a demi-retiré position instead cutting the foot away with the leg straight. Ms. Leigh is right, you just have to practice this piqué-coupé sequence without a turn until you cut out the little "hiccup" into demi-retiré inbetween.:(

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Yes, Mr. Johnson, that's exactly what I am doing. I am not piqueing onto a bent leg, I'm doing a couppe but not really thing, a "hiccup." Right! Thanks, I will add it to my list of things to work on during lunch break. :(

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