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my new attitude

Guest Medora

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I have one thing to say that helped me a lot so I think I should share it with the other dancers here. When I read Ms. Leigh's article "Back To School," she talked a lot about positive energy. When I first read it, I thought well I don't have a negative energy problem, and soon forgot about it. My turns the first part of this year have been a mess. Everytime I would have to turn I would completely freak out, panic, and fall apart. Then I would dwell on them, wondering why I was having so much trouble. My teacher finally told me to stop thinking negative, to believe that I am wonderful, that it is going to happen. Now. I am going to do it. Failure is not even a possiblility. She made me feel bad about my negative atttitude I didn't even know I had, and from that moment, I changed my attitude. To my surprise, I wasn't scared anymore! I made my turns. That was three weeks ago, and ever since then, my turns have been much, much better! I am making most of my turns, and have improved so much! My new attitude has made all of the difference in the world!


Its amazing how one little talk can change to so much. I was a mess becuase of a negative attitude I didn't even know I had. And now that I think only positive, I am no longer freaking out, and everything has gotten so much better. I just wanted to share that. :(

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Thank you for sharing that, Medora. It is indeed very, very important :(

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Once, We were trying to balance and everybody in the class couldn't stay up. So my teacher told us to just think that we will stay up forever, And we will. Now, We were younger and thought that what she said was funny, But one of my friends said, "I Will stay up for a million years." She went up and really did stay up there for awhile! :(

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That's one good reason why ballet is so dependent on imagery (there are books published on this subject) to help get students or even professionals to do what is wanted by the ballet teacher or choreographer. Mind over matter doesn't always work, but it sure helps!:(

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Your Welcome! I Try to remember that when I am trying to balance, And it usually works!!

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Guest Twinkletoes98

That's great to hear! We often underestimate the power of our minds, it's interesting how thinking we can do something actually make us do it.


One of my teachers, anytime someone has trouble with something and says "I can't do it", she gets upset and says "You never say can't!!" When we were younger she always said "can't is like a swear word, so never let me hear you say it!"


When she wants us to hold a pase en releve' she tells us to pretend someone is grabbing on to your bun and pulling up, which as strange as it sounds, really works!


It's the little things like those, and like Perfect Performer said "I'll stay up for a million years" that we remember and act upon.

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Guest Passion4Ballet

i'd just like to say, perfect performer, that the saying "i'll stay up for a million years" worked so well for me yesterday at ballet! i used it during my double pirouettes and i did four perfect ones! thanks, that'll be my ticket to lovely turns now!


orly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Well, I'm glad that all of you are staying up for "a million years!":D :)


P.S. I Like your qoute, Passion4ballet!

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Ah, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Ballet Talk, The Power of Positive Thinking!;)

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