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Guest learnin

Greetings. I'm new to this, but it looked interesting, so I'm giving it a try. I'm an adult male ballet student. Never professional but always had the interest. Actually taking a break at the moment as I'm getting treatment for a bone spur in my left heel. I found a great school in the Western suburbs of Chicago after years of trying.

I'd really enjoy finding a group of adults locally with whom I could chat, do impromptu classes, and attend performances. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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If memory serves, there are several Chicago residents on this board. Hopefully you all can hook up like we've done here in Los Angeles. Come to think of it, it's about time we did another LA event.

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Welcome, learnin to Ballet Talk here at Ballet Alert! Online! :D


Don't overlook the other Adult Students' board for technical and performance related questions and info-sharing, and also the Men's Forum, for those things manly that we don't discuss in mixed company, perhaps!


Also, try to avail yourself of the General Discussion boards, where a wealth of information resides.


It's good to have you onboard! Now get over that bone spur, and get back to class, so you can enjoy yourself!:(

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Hi Learnin,


I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago and get back a couple times a year to see family. I'd love to take a class at your school some time -- I'll be there week of Christmas, but I'm guessing the school will be on break then. Maybe next time -- what school is it?

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Guest learnin

Thanks for the replies and encouragement everyone. Scoop, I've been taking class at the School of The Salt Creek Ballet, in Westmont. The teacher was a Fosse dancer. She has the patience of Job. Adult classes are on Wednesday evenings.


I also am considering the School of Ballet Chicago. I used to take class there, and had also been part of a volunteer fundraising group they used to have.


I remember the first time I came to the studio they used to be in on North Wabash Ave. I mentioned to Dan Duell, the artistic director, that I had to ask the building engineer where the studio was. I said, "his name was Ron something-Ron De Jambe, that's it!" Dan, not missing a step, replied "had you going in circles, did he?"


Again, thanks for the replies. Scoop, I belive there will not be classes during Christmas. They usually start up again the first week of January. Let me know if you'd like to get together while you're in town for a cup of coffee and adult class war stories!



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Ah, good ol' Ron de Jambe. I think I know his wife, Sue Bresaut ;) ...


I've heard some good things about Salt Creek -- I take class here with someone who is also from the Chicago 'burbs and I think he's dropped in there occasionally. I'll definitely try to take a class there sometime, or at least coffee with you to TALK about taking class there!

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Welcome to Ballet Alert!


You came to the right place to meet other adults who share your passion for dance and are only all to ready to talk about it.


Was you bone spur caused by dancing? One unfortunate consequence of having a birthday every year is you get older and that leads to increased injury risk. Still, getting hurt is preferable to spending your life as a couch potato unwilling to take any risks.

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