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Hi folks,


Does anyone here ever NOT enjoy a class?


At the moment I have two classes. My Saturday class I've been attending for 3 months or so, and I really enjoy it. It's Grade 6 RAD, and it's nice and dancey. I like my teacher (even tho she does not correct me that much), and I see this class as "ballet for enjoyment".


My Wednesday class is a different story. I don't really enjoy going to this class........BUT, it's an excellent class! My teacher NEVER lays off the corrections, and she is basically a brilliant teacher! It's not a very dancey class - it's excercises all the way.

I'm sticking to this class because I feel that I am really going to benefit from it. But I certainly don't look forward to it.


Do any of you ever feel this way? I've had a very rough couple of weeks (a friend passed away tragically a week and a half ago), so maybe I'm just going thru a phase?



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When I'm really, really tired and the classes are in the phase where we have been doing the same combinations for ever and ever (*), I sometimes have to really work to muster the willpower to get to the classes. Once I am there, I enjoy it, but I don't always look forward to it.


(*) Actually, for five weeks or so. :) My teacher changes barre combinations and some of the center about every six weeks, and as I go more often than most people in the class I tend to be pretty tired of them just before the change. I know this is bad of me, as I cannot really execute them all that well by then, and should just happily keep practicing... but I can't if I'm tired for other reasons.

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Rio, the answer is yes, but its not so much a matter of me not enjoying the class its more that I feel sorry for myself and therefore feel that I'm not enjoying the class.

The class in question is hard, and packed full of beautiful dancers professional and semi-professional. You know, I look at them, I look at myself, I look at them..and so on. I sometimes feel I don't belong in that class and feel a bit anxious. But I have to tell myself to get over it and learn, when I am feeling a bit unjoyful.

Frustration is also a bit enjoyment killer. Some weeks are OK, others not so. C'est la vie. After doing 2 years of Grade 6 (or Grade 8;) for some) you might start to feel a bit differently.



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