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What is a good thing to do when you are sore after rehersal? Besides a hot bath? Because I am really sore after having back t back all day rehersals.

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Add an herbal bag to your bathwater. Preferably aromatic, so there's a nice smell. There really is something to aromatherapy. Choose fragrances that you like, or that relax you. I can drop right off to sleep in lavender fragrance!:)

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Sorry, Elzi1, that is NOT at all good advice! LOTS of aspirin is not good for anyone, and some people cannot take it at all, especially children and young teens. Even if they can take it, they should not take LOTS :)


PS - That is why the moderators, who are professional teachers, give the advice here on YD, not the students! ;)

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See, the problem with aspirin is that it's sodium acetyle salicylate. For years, people didn't know what the connection between them was, but when cold or flu symptoms are present, taking aspirin can set off a condition called Reye's Syndrome which is a fatal disorder. The body absorbs too much of the salicylate radical, chemically speaking, and the patient dies of respiratory failure and other symptoms of salicin poisoning!:eek: Don't get me wrong, you can take aspirin if you're a teen, but cold and flu symptoms must be absent! It's much safer to take some other NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) like Tylenol or ibuprofen or even naproxen, if you don't have a sodium problem like high blood pressure. (Most kids don't)

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