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too expensive?

Guest Medora

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This year ABT is offering housing in NY at $3200. Is it just me or is that higher than is reasonable? I really want to attend a five or six week program, and since NY is ABT's only six weeek program, I would have to go to NY if I am accepted there. Are there ways to raise this money other than stroking the check? Could I be successful if I sent letters to my relatives, the newspapers, and around town asking for sponsors? Or should I just pick another program to audition for other than ABT. The thing is that I really want to dance with ABT when I grow up. But I realize I am not company ready now, I am only 16, and my parents don't have 6,000 dollars.

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ABT is definitely the most expensive program, Medora. Even their audition is more expensive than anyone else's. New York is a very expensive place to find housing, and I'm guessing that it just costs a lot more to house people in dorms there than it does in most other places. SAB has their own dorms so they are less expensive.


Raising money to help pay for your SI is a good idea, even if it's not as expensive as ABT's. Some students have found local sponsors through some clubs like the Lions or Elks or Rotary, and lots of students get help from grandparents too :) Meanwhile, babysitting is always good.

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There is a rotary affiliated club at my school, and I know most of the members and the advisor pretty well, since he was our student counsel advisor for the past two years. Unfortunatley I didn't join because I am already in several clubs at school and I just didn't have time to do any more. Should I write straight to rotary, or talk to the club advisor first? Of course I would wait until I am accepted somewhere. I think I am going to send letters to people asking for sponsorship. I babysit, but recently I haven't gotten that many jobs because I am always at dance rehearsal, and most of my money flies out the window in pointe shoe bills anyway. :(. I read what you said Ms. Leigh about if you want something bad enough, there is usually a way to make it happen. So, I am stretching my brain a little! :rolleyes: I hope I can come up with more ideas for raising money.


Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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With Rotary International, it's best to show that you've been networking. Find a friend who's in the Rotary program (most likely Interact) at your school, and ask them for an introduction to the Rotarians who sponsor the club. They'll be able to help you out with what aid the club or district can offer, and maybe even invite you and your friend for lunch!:(

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