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just a couple of questions...

Guest Starling

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Guest Starling

Hello everybody!


I'm a new member here and I have a couple of questions :)


I'm 22 and I've just re-started ballet. I took it for several years when I was a child and into my teens but have been away from it for a while. I started in the beginner class this semester - but next semester I will be taking one beginner II class and another more intermediate class. Is it possible that I will be able to go on pointe someday? (I didn't dance on pointe when I took ballet as a child). If so, how many years does it usually take an adult to be able to do this?


The other thing is that my ballet classes have stopped for the Christmas period and I would like to know what everyone else does to keep in form when they have to break from it for a bit.


Thanks for all your help!


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Hi, Starling, and welcome to the Adult Students' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!:)


First, congratulations on coming back to ballet. Twenty-two is certainly a good age to pick up adult studies if you've had previous experience.


As to getting to the stage where pointe is feasible, a minimum of three years study, to get both the strength and the technique where it should be will be necessary. You should be taking at least three 1½ hour classes per week for this course to be effective. Beyond that, it's your teacher's call. For further info, go to the Pointe Shoes Forum and check out Ms. Leigh's excellent advice, "Facts of Life about Pointe".


As to what to do during holiday breaks, at your stage of redevelopment, I'd keep the homework simple. Just the kinds of sitting and standing passive exercises that the little ones get. The butterfly for rotation, sitting with the legs in front of you and turning them out alternately is good. You can even do some pliés in second position, as long as you're careful to keep your knees on line with your toes. Even some slow tendus are very helpful.

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