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Adult Summer Intensives- a list


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Hi, is anyone aware of any camps like the Richmond one but based in the UK ?


I don't know of any in the UK, but after attending one of the camps at Richmond last year (and having the time of my life, I might add!), I am now working with Heidi from Sun King Dance to establish the viability of running an Adult Dance Camp in Australia. I think it would be wonderful for dancers in the southern hemisphere to be able to access this amazing experience...and also for dancers for elsewhere to have the opportunity of combining Dance Camp with a trip to Australia!


As part of the initial process, we are promulgating an email survey to try to establish the level of interest there might be from potential participants.


If you are interested in the possibility, could you please email me at adcdownunder@mail.com, and I will send you out a survey? This is, of course, totally obligation-free and does not bind you to anything at all. Even if you are not interested yourself, I would be very grateful if you could forward a copy of this post on to anyone you know who might have an interest in attending a camp in the future.


Final decisions will ultimately depend on the results of the survey, but on the face of it, it appears most likely that it would be held in Sydney or Melbourne, and would certainly not be held before January 2011.


I also intend to contact dance studios directly to see if they would promote the ADC Down Under to their adult students. If you would care to send the name and contact email address of your studio to adcdownunder@mail.com, I will send them through some material.


The more interest we can register at this early stage, the more likely this exciting prospect will get off the ground, so we would greatly appreciate your involvement in getting this news out there. Please feel free to contact me on the above address if you have any queries.


Many thanks


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Mod's note: Can we keep this thread to informational posts only. I've moved several posts which ask questions about adult ballet summer schools to new threads. Thanks.

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I would like to recommend the Adult Summer Intensive at Maryland Youth Ballet, Silver Spring, Maryland, on June 19-21, 2009.


I took the intensive in 2007. There was a technique class in the morning. Then we were taught choreography. A new adagio ballet was taught to the group in 2007. A Broadway jazz piece to "There's no business like show business" was taught to the group. Variations were taught to men and women. Women learned Paquita. Men learned the variation of Colas from La fille mal gardee. We performed all the pieces at a studio showing for invited guests on the last day. The faculty accomodated the needs of the students. Some students had conflicts so they learned only one piece. A pregnant woman learned and performed only the adagio ballet without jumping.


The faculty were sensitive to the needs and limitations of adults.


It was strenuous. I enjoyed it a lot. I have registered to take the advanced intensive next month. This year there will be both beginner/intermediate and advanced groups. The beginner/intermediate group may participate in a Broadway jazz piece to be performed on the last day. The advanced group must perform the variation at the showing on the last day.


I encourage those who love ballet to take the intensive at Maryland Youth Ballet next month.


I actually took the Intensive. I enjoyed it.


I also took the intensive this year in June 2010. My comments below are my recollections of the June 2010 experience.


There were two groups, an advanced beginners-intermediate group and an advanced group.


Most of the participants were adults aged 20 to 65 or so who take classes at Maryland Youth Ballet.


There were separate classes for the two tracks with a joint variation class after lunch and a joint stretch classes in the late afternoon.


In addition to ballet, we were taught swing dance. The advanced beginner-intermediate group were taught a swing combination to perform at the showing. Some of the advanced group joined them also. The swing was new to me. It was a lot of fun. We were taught a combination to the "Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B."


The advanced group was taught new choreography to a movement of a Mozart symphony. We performed it at the showing.


You may purchase DVDs of the showing for $10 from Maryland Youth Ballet, Silver Spring, Maryland.


The advanced group began at 9:30 am to continue to 5:30 pm. I was sore. My stamina was fading after lunch. Nevertheless I persevered each day.


Learning choreograph in three days was challenging. Somehow we performed the pieces at the showing.


I enjoyed the experience. I plan to return for future adult summer intensives at Maryland Youth Ballet.


You may purchase DVDs of the showing for $10 from Maryland Youth Ballet, Silver Spring, Maryland. By viewing the DVD, you'll gain an understanding of our final product.

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The Adult Summer Intensive at Maryland Youth Ballet is tentatively scheduled for June 17-19, 2011. I plan to participate again.

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Thank you for the information, colas!! Since the information is in the post prior to your most recent one, it isn't necessary to re-quote it. :) If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Add Reply" button that is located between "Fast Reply" and "New Topic", it will not re-quote the entire previous post.

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You're welcome!! I would like to see more places offer adult intensives!!!

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Don't want to forget to add another one, though I don't know if it would be considered intensive.


BalletMet in Columbus, OH last year offered a three-week program in August for children and adults (used to be just for the kids). That last time I checked with the director it sounds like it will be on for this August also but I will post the link once it's officially on their website. It ran Monday through Friday for two hours a day. There was a level 1 and level 2. Level 1 corresponded to the adult beg with experience class, the Level 2 was more an adult beginning/intermediate leaning towards the intermediate. If it helps any, Level 1 was childrens' Ballet 3 to 5 (girls tend to go en pointe in Ballet 5), and Level 2 was Ballet 6 and above and I know there were some pre-pro students in it. Level 1 was from 2 to 4pm, Level 2 was 4 to 6pm. It ran from August 9-27 with Level 1 only being the first two weeks and Level 2 all three weeks.


You could take any amount of classes, from just one or two to the whole two or three weeks, with discounts for more classes. I'm thinking it was around $190 for the two weeks I took. There's no housing or anything provided but there are plenty of hotels in the area or within driving distance. There were two adult dancers from Colorado that attended who stayed with friends.

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Joy of Motion Dance Center in Washington, DC, also offered weeklong programs for adults 18 and over in July, 2009, and 2010. These were adult ballet camps for one week. I took both camps.


We met at 9:30 am for ballet class. Then there were two repertory classes. We learned the opening and prefinale from Paquita in 2009, and the opening and finale of Le Corsaire in 2010. The schedule ran from 9:30 am to 4 pm or so from Monday through Friday or so with performances on the following weekend. You may purchase DVDs of the final showings online.


The classes were for dancers at the advanced beginner level and above.


I enjoyed both sessions. Learning the choreography for the standard ballets is worthwhile. By audition some of us continued to join an adult ballet company with performances in March, 2010, and 2011. You may also purchase DVDs of those performances online.


There probably will be a class this summer. I do not have more information currently.

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I think I taught a couple of those classes, now that you mention it! Were you in there, gimpydancer? I hope I didn't scare anyone away that day.....I had planned a really good class- really different from what they were used to and I think it took them outside of the comfort levels.

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How could you forget ME?! :P


No, I don't think you scared anyone away, I know the adults liked you at least :devil: It was a little tougher than usual but that's ok, it wasn't crazy hard. I love how Susan B. teaches but it's nice to have a change. I find Cecchetti can get a little predictable at times. But that's why we have different teachers every week, right?

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Good point!!!


We'll try to get back on topic about listing SIs though!!!

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