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Adult Summer Intensives- a list


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This year, Ballet Arizona had a one week Adult Summer Intensive. It was held in the evenings Tuesday-Friday and then on Saturday. I wasn't able to attend but maybe next year. Information is usually listed on their open class page. Cost for the week was $150. If anyone wanted to add more classes for the mornings, they usually offer a couple of adult classes every morning of the week (Including Sundays).

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BalletMet in Columbus, Ohio will again offer open classes in August, not technically an intensive but runs for two hours a day, five days a week, for three weeks (depending on level). This year it runs from July 30 through August 17. Level 1 is Adults Beginning through Beginning/Intermediate (need to have at least a year or two of continuous quality ballet) and is from 2 to 4pm, only the first two weeks. Level 2 is Adults Intermediate and above (really more Intermediate/Advanced) and is from 4 to 6pm, all three weeks. The teachers usually try to offer pointe for the last half hour but it's not totally consistent. Teachers this year are Susan Brooker, the Academy Director, for weeks 1 and 2 and Joyelle Fobbs for weeks 2 and 3. Both levels have an accompanist. The information does not seem to be on their website yet. Cost for one week is $99, two weeks is $180, all three weeks (Level 2 only) is $240. Single classes are $25 each, $10 one-time discount if 3 classes pre-paid. They would like to have the registration by June 30. Since there is no form on the website yet, I'd suggest to call BalletMet at (614) 224-1672 to register.


If anyone has any questions, feel free to pm me. I've done Level 1 for the past two years.

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Here is another that just came up in New York City by a teacher from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Ilya Kuznetsov. He has his own school in Moscow specifically for adult classes, called Dance Secret (dancesecret.ru). The two-day workshop will be held on August 25 and 26th! It is called Ilya Kuznetsov Ballet Workshops and it will be at Baryshnikov Arts Center.


He is the teacher that creates all those beautiful videos of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy students.

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Hi I was wondering if anyone would be interested in coming to an adult ballet SI in Dublin. I am trying to get our company to put on a SI and invite teachers from vaganova (our company has really strong ties with Vaganova and Perm in Russia). If so which month would appeal the most?

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I attended the Sun King Dance Camp at the Richmond Ballet in Richmond, Virginia, from August 12 to 18, 2012.


There were about 60 participants aged 18 to 70. There were four groups, II, IIIA, IIIB, and IV. I was placed in IIIA. I was told that I could take IIIB, but there were too many enrolled already. IIIA corresponds to Advanced Beginner at Maryland Youth Ballet. There were only two other men enrolled to participate in this camp of 60 participants. Men from the Richmond Ballet were recruited to participate in the partnering classes since three men could not partner 60 women.


I took the full program.


Each morning there was a ballet technique class. Then there were mens technique and pointe classes. There were then repertory classes to learn the group ballets for performance. There were also partnering classes with the supplementation of men from the Richmond Ballet. Additionally there were classes in character, jazz, and modern. There was also a valuable session taught by the physical therapist of the Richmond Ballet.


Classes ran from 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 6 pm daily. Although I generally take five or more ballet classes and some fitness classes weekly, I was exhausted every day. I have never danced so much each day for a week.


Each night to facilitate my memorization of the choreography for our performance, I recorded notes of the choreography for (A the variation for men, a pas de trois for a man and two women from the first act of Don Quixote by Petipa, (B the pas de deux for a man and a woman, and (C the group ballet, the opening of the second act of Romeo and Juliet choreographed by Pedro Szalay, a teacher at Sun King. Some evenings I was too tired to go to eat dinner so I simply went to bed to rest. My legs were sore. Nevertheless, I was able to participate in all the classes. I was able to perform the choreography for the performance.


The various teachers rotated teaching the ballet technique classes so I had many new suggestions each day. The dancers varied in their skills. I learned to perform with my assigned partners. I was particularly anxious about performing the pas de deux because I had minimal experience partnering a woman. To my surprise, the pas de deux went well for the performance.


The facilities at the Richmond Ballet are excellent. We used four large studios on the second floor. Many participants stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, a block away. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, a couple of blocks away. I was pleased with the Holiday Inn Express. A complimentary breakfast including hot and cold dishes was served daily at the Holiday Inn Express.


Although Sun King will hold several adult dance camps in several venues in 2013, I can afford to take only one. I plan to return to Richmond for the camp on August 18 to 24, 2013. I hope to again take the full program. I plan to stay at the Holiday Inn Express because I liked the facility.


The full program demands great stamina from participants. I feared that I would lack the endurance to complete classes in the afternoon. To my amazement I did persevere. Shorter programs are available. Participants need to be able to take ballet classes daily for a week.


I plan to continue to take adult dance camps at Sun King because of the extensive training in skills unavailable to adults including character, partnering, pas de deux, and pointe. The participants and the faculty are supportive and encouraging for adults of all ability levels.

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Yea! Finally getting an oppertunity attend an Adult Summer Intensive and not have to travel. Denver Ballet Theater is hosting their first Adult one in Denver, Colorado (Englewood to be technical, but still).


Studio is about two years old, large floors and state of the art sound and viedo systems and since it's in a business park there are hotels and resturants all over the place.



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Lovely and lucky you!


Do remember to start a new thread with an account of your time when you've had the joy of attending. It's another one to add to the list.

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Come to Australia for your ballet intensive!


The Sydney Ballet Intensive was incredible!!! I learnt so much. The teachers were phenomenal, the studios had amaaaaaazing floors, and they run several intensives each year - with awesome extras like a workshop with the Australian Ballet Company's Physiotherapist all about turnout. :) (I enjoyed it more than Sun King - smaller class sizes mean more individual attention - sorry devotees - I've now done 3 SBI's it's that good)


The website is here. And if you have any questions just ask. :)



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Thanks for this Appleblossom. I'll be in Sydney in August, so shall see if I can swing the long weekend workshop!

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I just saw that the Asian Grand Prix Hong Kong has some sort of intensive programme for adults too from the 7th to the 11th of August 2013




I am interested, but unfortunately cannot be away in August. I am looking for something in July.

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This is in a separate post in this forum, but here's another one to add to the list - Boston Ballet School's Adult Summer Dance Program


Adult Summer Dance Program

  • Two-week program at our state of the art studios in Newton, MA
  • World class teachers, dedicated to working with adult students
  • Classes in ballet technique, variations, repertoire, modern and Pilates
  • Live music for all classes
  • Enriching lecture topics
  • Meet Boston Ballet Company dancers



Core Program - 6:30-9:00pm
(2 classes per day for 2 weeks, plus lectures, meet the company dancers etc)

$475 or

$432.50 if you sign up by April 19th (10% discount)
(Prices include a $50 registration fee)


Core Program plus Pilates/Modern Class - 5:30-9:00pm

(3 classes per day for 2 weeks, plus lectures, meet the company dancers etc)

$560 or

$510 if you sign up by April 19th (10% discount)

(Prices include a $50 registration fee)


More information at: http://www.bostonballet.org/school/adults/adult-summer-program.html


*****There's a special 10% discount if you register before April 19!*****

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