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UK dance camp, anyone?

Mr Robin

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As there is a decided lack of adult summer intensives in the UK, I've spent the last couple of years toying with organising one myself. I'd imagine that it would be possible for my school to host it, and as a vocational school it has excellent teaching and good studios. It's near Warrington, which - granted - is not the most exciting location in the UK, but it's a lot cheaper than London, and easy to get to from pretty much anywhere. Accomodation-wise, there's a Travelodge about half-a-mile down the road, but if that's a bit too Alan Partridge, there's plenty of other options!


So would anyone be interested? It would certainly be a lot cheaper than travelling to Richmond! If all you Southern dwellers don't fancy travelling oop North, perhaps your school might be suitable to host it? For the scale that something like this would start at, I don't think it would take much organisation - I'm happy to look after all of that, anyway.



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A good idea to organize a summer intensive in the UK.:) See what assistance your local County Council can provide for arts-related schools and programmes that would "brighten the corner where you are"!

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Thanks for the advice, Major, but I'm not sure how much support we'd get from any local authority in the UK... In my area certainly, community dance efforts seem to be focussed on minority groups, eg ethnic minorities, the old, and the young. With ballet being a generally white, middle-class activity, I get the impression that it isn't considered as being a priority for funding!


There was actually one summer school in the UK that accepted adults, and that was run by a local authority. Rather tellingly, though, I believe that the facility closed down earlier this year due to lack of funding...

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Then do what they do in the US. Build a budget strategy on a private/corporate/government revenue pool, then make your programme plans.


Adult ballet is a white middle-class activity, eh? Sounds like a underserved minority to me! Go for it!:)

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I would go. I would need lots of notice so i could get time of work.

Good luck with the research and look forward to any info.


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I'd definitely consider going. As a complement to Richmond ;). (I need all the training I can get.) If you do this, which I hope you do, I suggest you do not do it at the same time as Richmond!

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Thanks everyone for the positive response - I shall get research under way!


Timing-wise, what would suit everyone best? I was thinking not too long after regular classes have finished (June?), so we're all still in reasonable shape. But making it a different time from both Richmond and Finland would seem a good idea. We might even be able to keep up an international adult-ballet jetset lifestyle for the summer, funds allowing... Should we start a lottery syndicate, do you think?!

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The Lottery syndicate sounds like a good idea to fund these trips abroad!

Anyway was just to say that classes round here carry on until nearly the end of July, the same time as the normal school term ends. xx

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I probably would not have enough money to come for at least a few years (being still a student and all) but I just want to wish you luck and tell this is a great idea, and hopefully it will work.


The camp in Finland also started because two people thought it would be nice to do some ballet during their summer vacation. So it can be done!


I think it is a good idea to keep the dates separate - if the English camp becomes a tradition like the Finnish one has, I might even be able to attend in some distant future. :D Richmond is way too expensive for me to even dream about.


Now, if I were to win the lottery... :)



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Hi Grace


Yes, you're right - I'm looking for a summer school like Richmond, ie one specifically for adult students. As far as I know, the Yorkshire Ballet Seminars only take students up to 23, and senior students have to be at least preparing for their Elementary exam. I don't think there are any summer schools that take adults, certainly not recreational dancers (even serious ones like ourselves!).

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