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How can you tell the difference between Vagnova and Checcti? I Don't think that is how it is spelled, But I have only seen it how it is spelled once. I Think that I have been trained in both ways. I Have several different teachers, And they all teach their preffered ways. But what are some of the differences?

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For one thing the lexicons - the names for the steps, in many places, and the positions of the arms - are completely different in Cecchetti and Vaganova. Those are the gross differences. You cannot simply look at a finished dancer from any system for a few seconds and positively identify under which system they were trained. All methods and schools aim toward the same things - to produce a fully competent dancer. The esoterica of the systems are really not discussable in a computer format, so I'll leave you to try a few classes from good teachers in any system in order to find out the differences for yourself. That's what I did.

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The only differences I can think of, Is that Cecchetti has a flexed foot in frappe, And Vaganova usually has them pointed. Because I have a teacher who was trained in Cecchetti and she says that is how she learned to do frappe. I Am guessing that pointed is Vaganova because my teachers who were trained in Vaganova prefer it that way.

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as the others have said, frappes and names for steps. Arms are another big one, for example, what I remember being a "high fifth" in Cecchetti is now "third" in Vaganova. One thing that I'm still learning though are the arabesques. I just started vaganova a few months ago, though, I'm still working on it (: One thing that still throws me off is that in sote chats, I still have a bad habit of doing Cecchetti 3rd arabesque arms, instead of 1st... or is it 2nd? arabesque in vaganova (: my teacher jokingly tells me "no no it's all wrong! wipe it out of your brain, I am the dictator in this class!"

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The thing about the arabesques is that dancers need to know ALL of them! You should know the Cecchetti and the Vaganova, because they are all used in choreography. As for saut de chat, the arms can be anywhere the teacher or choreographer wants them to be. They should not be done with the arms in the same place all the time except at the beginning level. For grand jeté and saut de chat one can use 1st, 2nd, Cecchetti 3rd, Vaganova 3rd and 4th, 5th en haut, or 5th en haut ouvert.

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