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I mean I have asked this before, but i must confess: I lost the ansvers.

So again:

Where can I get (if I can get at all) a full bottom dance belt?

I have to wear one, but I really dislike the "string" belts


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Look in the two major mail-order houses: Dance Distributors (1-800-33-DANCE) and Discount Dancewear (it's on the web).

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You do get used to the "thong"

M. Stevens makes a very comfortable DB. But offers barely any support. Capezio has finally seen the light and is offering a more comfortable model, look for it.



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Still on the subject of dance belts.


Many years ago I purchased Danskin dance belts.They are broader and more comfortable than most.I have 'E' mailed Danskin and they replied that they no longer make these dance belts.


Does anybody know of a similar broad style ?.


I have recently purchased Mondor dance belts but I prefer the old Danskin broader style.



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Knock, knock --


Mere moments after suggesting to my husband that he wear a dance belt for his occasional forays into the studio -- he rehearses in running tights for his annual gig as Drosselmeyer -- I stumbled over the $6.00 quilted cotton panel belts on the Capezio factory outlet website. Seems like just the right thing for him, assuming they aren't TOO "irregular".


The question is, what size? He wears a 31" waist, which puts him in a Medium (30-32). But in women's dancewear we know to buy up a size, as Dancer Sizes seem to be smaller than Street Sizes. Is it the same for dance belts? Any experience with this particular style?


Thanks a lot for the help, guys.

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I have 3 of Capezio's quilted dance belts and they really do give you a good deal of support. The sizing appears to be accurate through my purchases. I have about a 33 inch waist and wear the Large size comfortably.


I wonder what is going to be "slightly irregular" with the discounted versions. But what a deal at 6 bucks! I paid $17 or more for mine.


- Chuck

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I get all my DBs there. The quilted is more comfy. Sizes are about right. I have a 34" waist and wear large. I would prefer a longer thong, as my hips are higher than most men. There may be cosmetic irregularities, but they are the same as sold in dance shops.

At 6 bucks or less, you can even throw them in the dryer on a delicate setting, and not worry about ruining it.



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I just got two of these they are great! Cheap too! I had a hard time finding the flaws that made it an irregular. (some crooked stiching) A medium should fit you husband fine!

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I like the Capezio quilted... My waist is 34 and I wear a large, so the

medium sounds just right for your husband. I'll have to take a look

at the "irregular" ones for $6, since I paid full price for mine... Good luck!

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Hiya Dread Pirate!


This is the deal of the century! Well, It's pretty early in the century make it a decade! Once I trimmed a few threads, they were perfectly functional!

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Guest dancerboy11

Okay here is the deal..... My mom went out an bought my first dance belt. I was going to get tan but she got black. I dont really wear any tights right not because im changing i cant find a pair to fit me so color doesn't matter. Should I get another dance belt in tan? Just in case. Also if anyone can find tights that would fit me, let me know. I have a 28-30 waist size.

Thanks for your help


Dancerboy11 :yucky:

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A serious piece of advice: Never let ANYBODY except a professional costumer get a dance belt for you. You have no idea what misery you will avoid this way. Go to the suppliers' yourself, and be properly fitted. Discount Dance Supply has a very good website and a very good selection of tights appropriate for men. Here's a link:


Discount Dance Supply

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