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Guest April

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I wonder if April's daughter is still dancing towards her dream at 17?


I doubt we'll ever know. April has not visited the board since February 2003.

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The week following her post Aprils daughter decided to cut back on ballet and join the volleyball team. April then began to worry about how fast she was and if she had enough power in her legs to jump up and spike the ball. lol :)

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Wow! That was fun reading all those old posts and seeing some of those older names. And yes, directions do change sometimes for our kids don't they.


You're certainly welcome to continue this discussion here since I think it is a good one and aims more toward ballet body type. However, I just also wanted to point out a wonderful old thread also that might be good to re-read or visit on the topic of Minorities in Ballet in general.


Minorities in Ballet

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Oh, wow! That was a resurrected thread. It never occurred to me to check when I saw there were new posts on it. lol!

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I'm the one who has resurrected it lol- sorry=) I haven't noticed its date. Anyway I'm glad you enjoy this thread, because I believe there are many dancers who haven't been supported by their parents about ballet like me and thoughts are changing by age, 2-3 years ago I was still angry about that but now I'm not; anyway =)

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