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feet feet feet...and the splits

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Guest Starling



I'm hyperextended and have long, high arched feet. I read somewhere that my feet are consequently probably not that strong. What exercises can I do to strengthen them? I've heard flexibands are good - but since I don't have them are there any other techniques.


Also, this has nothing to do with feet. I'm working towards the splits (both front and side). In terms of the side splits I can go right down - the only thing I can't do is sit my body weight down. Does that make sense? What can I do to stretch my legs that final bit so all my weight's on the ground. In terms of the front splits...I'm not nearly as far. What are good stretches that I can do to safely work towards that?


Sorry if any of the answers to my questions are in the archives. I didn't see it if there are.


Keep on dancing everyone!



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Starling, everything you mention is indeed in the Archives, but most of it is probably under Young Dancers. Check YD Stretches and Exercises.


Feet strengthen through doing ballet, and working especially on elevés and relevés, tendus, dégagés, frappés, pas de chevals, and glissades. It takes time, but can be done. Not all high arched feet are weak, however. Some are, some are not. The ankle strength is important here too.


Working on your splits is an exercise for flexibility. It is one of the best, when you are properly warmed up, of course. The à la seconde split is more about rotation, so all of your rotation exercises help that, along with the other splits for flexibility. Just working on them is what will improve them. Floor exercises and Pilates work can help.

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Followup hint: Click User CP button. Click the Edit Options bar, then scroll down to default thread view dropdown menu. Even if you open out the choice to "view all threads", it won't take any longer to load than it does now. Then look in the archives. You'll be surprised at how much is in there!

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