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Adult Summer Intensives FAQ and more..


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I have made a sticky post about the most popular Adult Summer Intensives available.

It contains information taken from previous posts that can be found on this board.


So thanks to Ed (2 Left feet), BarreTalk, PrinceRob, Psavola, Jaana Haino, Dancerwannabe (for the update :), Attitudegirl, Veronica, Rebornbyballet, AJG and manymore of you who have contributed over the years?sorry if I left someone out.

If you want to contribute some more info whether it be pertinent to the intensives discussed in this post or to ask me to add another

to this list (or if I?ve left off your name), please PM me.


This post is for information purposes only and is not a recommendation for one program or another.


There are 3 courses discussed in this post:

Richmond Adult Intensive,

Sammatti-Finish Intensive and

Jilianas Technique for Taos.


Richmond Adult Summer Intensive.


Where is it? Richmond Ballet, Richmond, VA


When is it? 2003 session Ballet: June 15-21 and August 3-9,

Modern: June 5-13


Who can I contact for more Info?


or write to

Adult Dance Camps

3218 Seminary Ave.

Richmond, VA 23227

http://www.adultdancecamps.com-website will be up in JAn 2003.

Or read Ed's (2 left feet) article in the Dec/Jan Pointe Magazine Issue.


What is it? This is an excellent intensive program for adults at all levels. The program was expanded for 2002- with 2 separate weeks for ballet and 1 week modern dance intensive was added.


Do I have to audition? No audition is required for the program at Richmond. You do have to register though and if you register by March 1st, you get a free ADC shirt.


What does it cost? Tuition is $535 for the week, including lunch mon-Saturday,a catered dinner SUnday evening prior to the intensive and drinks throughout the day.


Whats the best way to fly there? You can fly into Richmond, but you may have to make connecting flights to get there. Several airlines service the city. Southwest and United for example.


Where do you stay? There is a hotel right next door, Crowne Plaza, which is about $72.00 a night +12.5% tax, but they can fix you up to share rooms with people if you want.


Do they have parking? Richmond ballet is building a parking structure, which will mean free parking for drivers.


How many hours of dance do you do during the day? You do what you can. They have a room set aside so people can rest between classes, watch videos, etc. Wednesday will be a shortened day.


Is there a show at the end? There will be a performace at Grace St Theater.


How many people do they enroll? They have a limited number of spaces available for both sessions of ballet and they may have enrollment caps this year as well, but the number in 2002 year was ~47 people, normally less for the August session.


Will I improve during just one week? ?You bet! I was doing things by the end of the week I thought it would take me years to master. Some of it I've lost as I can't take 8 hours of classes a day, but you do learn so much. ?


Do they have lectures? Yes, on heath and body care for the "mature" dancer, and various others on ballet related subjects.


Where can I find out more? If you search on this board using the keyword Richmond, or you can search under username such as 2 left feet, BarreTalk, PrinceRob and various others.


Also, 2 left feet did an excellent write up about this program in 2001. Go to www.criticaldance.com.


For direct links to thread on this board:


For Things to bring by BarreTalk



For a picture of the place



For Richmond teachers



For wonderful photos of ballet alert members at Richmond http://www.balletalert.com/forum/showthrea...hlight=Richmond


More photos







For August session at Richmond from dancerwannabe.





Richmond Dance camp photos (PrinceRob)



Info on character shoes



More2 left feet







Sammatti Dance Camp-Finland (from users Psavola and Jaana Haino)


Where is it held? Sammatti is 75 kilometers from Finnish capital, Helsinki. Both links below are in Finnish.

School: http://www.helsingintanssiopisto.fi/

Flyer: http://www.helsingintanssiopisto.fi/kesa20...irit/index.html


Info: My dance school is arranging a dance camp in Sammatti, Finland - and the very brief description in the flyer sounds very much like the summer intensives I've heard of on this board. The camp is targeted to adult dancers and those older teens who do not have interest to pursue a professional career.


How long is it for? The camp is one week long, the dates are 28.7. - 4.8. The fee, 275 euros, covers 6 hours of teaching per day, a bed in a 2-person room and 3 meals.


Curriculum: The teaching curriculum contains classical ballet technique and repertoire, irish dance and stretching. The camp has two separate skill levels: The first is Beginner II & Advanced I, the second Advanced II & III. There is also an end performance.


The camp has been arranged two times before, but I do not know anybody who has been there on the previous years.


Lodging and food are apparently at a live-in school, which means there will be washing machines and kitchens available.


The dance lessons are at two other locations, 80 and 800 meters from the lodgings respectively.


The teachers are Jane Spackman (classical ballet and repertoire) Ann-Sofi Kyrklund (irish dance) and Susanna Calcagano (stretching) Jane Spackman teaches in english. Her style is most strongly influenced by RAD, but she does not teach the syllabus.


The curriculum isn't completely decided yet, but at least 3 hours will be ballet, 1-1,5 irish dance (no previous experience necessary) and 1-1,5 stretching. There will be also be some number of additional rehearsal hours for the end performance.


The students will have a meeting sometime in June when camp practical arrangements will be made more clear and the performance costumes fit checked.


The meals are a breakfast, a light lunch and a dinner.


There will be a reception party, a possibility for swimming and sauna at the local lake and a tour of Sammatti in addition to the end performance, which will feature (in addition to the camp students) dancers from the "vocational" track of the school and from the Finnish National Ballet. The camp spirit has reportedly been excellent in the previous years.


The place reservation is finalized (must be made, and you're committed to pay) on 25th May. The camp will be arranged if at least 30 students enroll. (I understand this hasn't been a problem in the previous years; I do not know if filling up too

fast has been)


The schools reservation desk number is +358 9 681 2120,

and the person who is especially knowledgeable about the

camp arrangements is Anita Remitz (+358 50 336 2208) (You cannot enroll to her, though)








Technique in Taos-at Jiliana school (from users Veronica and Rebornbyballet)

Go to: http://www.techniqueintaos.com/


Jillana 's school Tecnique in Taos" is run by Jillana for teachers and adults July 28-August 11. You can take it for 1 or 2 weeks.

Be aware that this program is run in Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico, at a very high altitude--if you want to go, make sure that your body can handle it! Nothing worse than altitude sickness and not being able to function when you plunk down that amount of money.

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