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class at different school?

Guest Medora

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Hi everyone. Tonight my friend invited me to come and take class with her at another school on Saturday morning. I know I need to take more ballet classes because I only take seven hours of ballet class a week and two hours of jazz class (and I have about 5 hours of rehearsal), but I am weary of trying class at this new school because this is the same school that messed my friend up. She came back from this school having danced full time there with her wieght very back and had lost her love of dance. This is odd to me because it is a professional school. So should I try this one class, just to see for myself what it is like? I know I need to take more classes, but I don't want to mess myself up. What do you advise?

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Give it a try; if you recognize the symptoms that This Is Not For You, pay attention immediately and don't go on there. Weight being far back is not a good symptom, but maybe your friend is misapplying what's being taught. Try it, but if it's spinach, then the hell with it.;)

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