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I have to give my parents my audition list by like tomorrow, ASAP, I have been thinking and procrastinating way too long. I am taking your advice and auditioning for several programs. I had originally decided to audition for ABT, Washignton, and Houston, but then I got to reading about Boston a few months ago and my teacher said they were wonderful and I got to rethinking again. I want to audition but I can't go to DC more than twice. I guess I was wondering if a place like that would be better for me than ABT because it is six weeks and the only ABT place that is six weeks is NY and it is the most $$ SI there is and it is probably about the most competitive and they also have a lot of teachers, where at Boston or Houston or Washington there is a smaller set faculty because it is a year round school. And I think I need to go somewhere not as huge where I will get more attention (not that I will get the attention I get here at any of them), but with ABT having such a huge list of teachers they probably won't get to know me as well or at all. And I still have so much to learn as I started late, although I have come a long way in a very short amount of time. I can always go to ABT NY later when I have more fully reached my potential and be noticed then. I can't think that Boston or Houston or Washington would be any harder to get into either, I would think the chances would all be about the same, wouldn't they? And with the money issue I have to also think of where my parents would be willing to send me, and I have never been away from home before and NY is a dangerous place. I don't know, but I know that there is no way I can audition for all four and no reason to audition for all four, unless I got a scholarship to one but that doesn't matter because I can't go to DC more than twice. So what should I do? You can't tell me what to I know, but is there anyting you can say that would help me decide? I am telling my parents tomorrow morning and moving on with things.

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Medora, I think that since you are so limited in the number of auditions, that ABT NY would be a big risk audition for you. With all their programs, your chances of getting NY are not as good. Therefore, I would suggest that you stay with Boston, Houston, and Washington :)

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Okay, I feel so relived. :) I have emailed my teacher and of course I will listen to her as well, but she won't respond until morning, she checks her email at four a.m. ;) And of course I will try to get my parents to let me do more auditions but my chances of more are slim I think.

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