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Center Stage question

Guest *Jessica*

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Guest Dulzinea

i think its new york city ballet. i've seen the picture hundred of times and that's what i've understood so i think it is correct, i even remember "jody" saying that. well, if i'm wrong someone correct me pls:p

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The company in Center Stage was a pastiche company called the American Ballet Company (which I think was the name of the company in The Turning Point, too). Many of the real dancers in the film were either moonlighting NYCB dancers or alumni.

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There are dancers from several companies in the movie, but the movie itself is about a company which does not exist. As Mr. Johnson said, it's a "pastiche" company, which is one created for the movie based on several companies. The movie is, remember, fictional, not a documentary!

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Guest Ballaweenie5

In center stage, most of the dancers are from ABT. In this they made up companies called ABC. They were in ABA(american ballet association) and then auditioned for American ballet company. It's all messed up for some reason.

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Attention posters! The American Ballet Company is not a real company! There were dancers from all over, and part of the location set was the School of American Ballet, but on the whole, the whole thing was phony! I'm only posting this because we've had people in the past post and ask how to audition for this company or get into its school!:eek:

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