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mY Birthday!


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If it is o.k. to post this, today is my birthday!


48 years old, going to my class tonight and wearing pink!


Is that too cheeky?


Elvis and I are only 20 years apart - today is Elvis and also David Bowie's b-day as well.



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Hi BB!


We had lots of fun in class - she worked us really hard, especially pointe. We are working up to pique turns en pointe, so lots of work at the barre.


My friend came by at the end of class with an angel food cake (no icing) absolutely stuffed with candles on the sides and the top.


I thought I was going to die laughing, or call the fire department.


The whole class enjoyed the cake after we worked so hard.


What a blast! My teacher was flabbergasted when I told her how old I was. Her jaw hit the floor! 48! She thought I was about 38. This is what ballet has done for me!


Hope your class was mahvelous as well!

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Hi Skippy!


I was! Now I'm trying to decide whether to get a 6ft or 9ft barre

for my home. Decisions, decisions.

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Guest BBNButterscotch

I'm glad you had fun at class! My class that night was the first one back after a two week break... and on top of it was i wasn't feeling well! So I was so SORE and my feet killed. Wow, you're working pique turns on pointe? That's great! I am still way too nervous to attempt them, but i've only been on for 6 months. In fact my teacher doesn't let me do much away from the barre- releves, echappes, glissades... that's about it. :P

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Hi Antbobby,

I am sorry I did not post this on your birthday.

I hope you had an excellent day ,Paul.

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Thanks Paul! Very sweet!


BBN - Last night I did a SERIES (5) of pique turns en pointe!


I couldn't believe it! Don't worry, your foundation will be great.


Are you doing work at the barre where you do the pique-pointe

walking along the barre? This is the exercise we are using to

get the fundamentals, then we take it to center, then we add the turns. I was so surprised I could do a series! Then I lost it!

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