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Guest Salzburg

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Guest Salzburg

Hello everyone. I've been lurking around the adult ballet boards for awhile and finally decided to become a member. I'm 24 years old and started taking ballet this past September. I just want to say that I have appreciated reading everone's posts on both of the adult ballet boards. They have been very informative and encouraging, especially to someone who's been feeling very lost in this new venture into ballet.

This may sound like a silly question but how to do memorize all the terms? I can't seem to keep them all straight.

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Hello, hope you have lots more fun here on ballet alert. With reguards to your question, at our school our teacher tries to get the younger ones to remember all the terms by giving little ryhmes to remember eg. en de'hors means out the door so when they hear something like pirouette en de'hors they know that they should be turning away from the supporting leg:confused: Does this make sense? When i was learning all the terms i wrote them all on bits of paper and got everyone to test me - drove everyone mad and not the easiest way.

It does take time to get to know them all, even now i still get confused so dont worry you will get there.



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I have found that I cannot remember a term before I have seen it written and preferably also explained in writing with pictures.


ABT's dictionary in http://www.abt.org/library/dictionary/ has been a great help, as has Gretchen Ward Warren's book The Classical Ballet Technique (I don't own one, but some of my friends do :D).


The main problem is to figure out how to spell things like "failli" or "cou-de-pied" after hearing them once in class, when one doesn't speak very much friends. :D (Often I ask from the teacher after class.)

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