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Guest Dancing Mom

Okay, silly question!

When in band in high school, we breathed through our diaphragms. In ballet????

I seem to remember breathing through our ribs.

Can someone teach me how to breathe before my face turns blue and I pass out?

Thanks so much!

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Diaphragmatic breathing is sometimes referred to as "breathing through the back", and when you do breathe diaphragmatically, then there is expansion throught the back part of the ribs. It balances out the front parts and there's no heaving and puffing, even after the toughest variation! And I know all about heaving and puffing, having been a sometime tuba player!

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Guest Dancing Mom

Thanks Major!

Now I have to go tell my husband he was right...

He's a martial artist and was telling me to think of breathing into my kidneys.

Does anyone know how to make crow pie taste better?


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Crow pie is best enjoyed without the feathers, bones, and unnecessary beak or feet.


I have discovered that it is a good idea to let the husband "crow" about their knowledge - it makes them feel special ;)

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