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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Books: Dance Chronicle, Vol 25, No. 3

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This isn't new; I got it several weeks ago. But I haven't been able to post about it before.


Dance Chronicle is hard to find -- it's so expensive that few individuals subscribe, but it is in many libraries around the world. It's a scholarly publication, but there are often articles of more general interest. Kathrine Sorley Walker has done many long pieces that, were this a more perfect universe, would have been chapters in a book about the history of British ballet outside the Royal Ballet companies, for example.


This issue contains one short, and two very long articles. All of them are the kind of piece almost no one else publishes, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.


An allegorical Fabula for the Bentivoglio-d'Este Marriage of 1487, by Francesca Bortoletti.


Part Three of "Darling Helene: August Bournonville's Letters from France and Italy [to his wife] 1841." Translated by Patricia McAndrew, with an introduction and Notes by Knud Arne Jurgensen. [These are an absolutely fascinating view of what was going on in ballet during this year.]


Also a third part, Kathrine Sorley-Walker's boigraphy "Cyril W. Beaumont: Bookseller, Publisher and Writer on Dance."


There are also book reviews and a listing of the contents of other scholarly journals.

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