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Recital Rant

Guest BBNButterscotch

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Guest BBNButterscotch

Hey Guys-


I'm kind of mad... my teacher showed us our costumes for our recital tonight. I was expecting to see two costumes for pointe, as I take two pointe classes, however instead, she said, "I've decided to combine the Monday and Wednesday classes into one number for the receital". These are my two classes. I was really looking forward to having two pointe numbers and now I only get one. Sure, I will get another number for troupe and some other stuff, but Im still disapointed. :)




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Well look at it like this..instead of trying to give 100% to two pointe numbers, you can now give 200% to one.

Don't look at it in a bad way. It is a good thing as it now gives you more time to get everything right in that one number and to really work on that technique. Really push yourself harder.


Quality rather than quantity is the motto here, so make the most of it and stop feeling sad and grumpy ;) :)

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Guest BBNButterscotch

That's the upside. I get to work on it twice as much as the other girls, so I guess I'm sorta lucky in that way. Maybe she'll put me in the front to compensate... hee hee.

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