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Okay, let me start by saying I'm a bit stressed out at the moment--I start back at university tomorrow and I've got a bazillion different questions (mostly about dance) running around head.


Well, I finally got up the nerve to call and make an appointment to talk with my main dance teacher. He's been in China for the past month. While he was gone I worked really, really hard and when he came back last week I could tell he was very pleased with the progress I'd made. The problem is, though, I don't know quite how to talk with him about everything I have on my mind. Even though I have worked hard and did make a lot of progress, I still don't measure up to the technique I should have by age group. I know I need some one-on-one help but I don't know quite how to as for it. I'm afraid I still look like a pretty big disaster when compared to the others.


Another thing is I want to try for a SI this summer but even if got in, I don't know if it would be the best thing for me. I might get more attention if I just stayed at home and took every class that was offered here.


On the other hand, I'd like to see if I could make it into a SI. Maybe they'd see something in me. But if I do audition, I'd need to make a video (they have listed specific combinations they want videotaped--barre looks pretty good; worried abput petite allegro) and I haven't a clue how to do/arrange that..... Plus they need an evaluation of me from a teacher.


So how do I present all this to my teacher? He's really nice, but he's quiet and I don't want to throw all this at him like I did you guys.



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This really wasn't all that much. If you feel like it, print it out and use it as an aide-memoire for the questions you want to ask him. Just ask one question at a time, and make sure he's finished answering that one before you hit him with the next one.:)

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Don't be afraid to talk to your teacher. Most teachers who want the best for their students will do everything possible to help and advise them. That's part of what they are there for. Your teacher will hopefully be able to judge where you are and what is best for you. Good luck!



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Thanks. The talk went really well--he thought it was funny I had so many questions lined up. Next! Next!


I got all my questions answered (and more) and he's going to help me with the combinations and with the video, too! We decided that if I was accepted to the SI it would be a good thing for me, and if not then I could still take a lot of classes here over the summer. I figure that even if I don't make the program(s) I still we learn a lot just from making the video.


--Now I only have one question left, for you guys: what's the best way to make the video? I mean, is it okay to video barre one day, center another, pointe another? Of course it would be better to just do it all at once, but I don't think that will be possible with my schedule, the teacher's schedule, and if the studio is available for individual use. Does it look terribly unprofessional? Or do they just want you to run through all the combiations without any stop just like in a class? Are you supposed to memorize all the combinations before you videotape?


I'm thinking that was morethan one question. But at least they were related ;)


Thanks you all

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There will be a stop between combinations, so when you tape it doesn't matter. You can do one part one day, another part another day. It would be a good idea to wear the same leotard :) You should know the combinations, of course. If you have not memorized them ahead of time, then take the time between things, with the camera off, and practice the next combination, then film it. The video does not have to look professional. It has to show you, and how you dance. That's all. No one is looking for a professional tape from a student for an SI. (If one was sending an audition tape for a job in a company, that would be entirely different.)

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Not the class and the set up, but the quality of the tape is more important for a job audition. It should be as professional as possible, along with a very professional presentation of your portfolio of photos and résumé.

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