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looking for classes. Directory?

Guest sparkle j

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Guest sparkle j

Hello there. I'm trying to find a place within 40 minutes drive that has adult ballet beginner classes. I've found a directory for Rhode Island online, and that's been a great help. I'm in the process of trying to get in touch with those schools and studios that teach beginning adults to see if they accept students a few months after this session has begun. I await their responses.


However, I'd also like to contact some more Massachusetts schools. I can only get info about the most local ones in the phone book, but I can travel a bit, just not all the way to Boston from where I am.


Does anyone here know of a directory (online or otherwise) where I can find Massachusetts ballet schools? The one for Rhode Island is very easy to use, and along with the name address and phone number of the studios, it gives a little about each one, and a schedule where possible. This way I know right away whether or not they teach beginning adults. Now I just need one for Massachusetts.


Any ideas? I'll keep doing some online searches to see what I can find, but if anyone has any leads, please let me know.

Thanks bunches,


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Welcome! I haven't heard of a Massachusetts directory like the one you describe for Rhode Island. It sounds great. I know when I was looking for some classes in New London, CT, I didn't find much on the web. If you find something, please post--I'd love to see it. Unfortunately, I'm too far away in Western Mass to be much help with local schools. Good luck finding the classes you want!

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Guest sparkle j

I figure I'll ask around with the people I meet at various schools to see if anyone around here knows of any kind of directory-type resource. I'm hoping to hop on over to the Providence Ballet to observe a class and I'll see what they have to suggest.


The search goes on! hee hee.


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In Boston, there are three places I know of:


1. Jose Mateo's Ballet Theatre in Harvard Square (Cambridge). 617-354-7467

2. Dance Complex in Central Square (Cambridge) www.dancecomplex.org

3. Boston Ballet School


Even if they're beyond your 40 minute radius, you might go to a class or two in town and find something closer to where you live. Then again, I'm not so sure; I know that many students come from pretty far.

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When I travel, I always take a drop-in class, and I usually find these by going on www.switchboard.com, and look up dance classes. You don't say where you are in Massachusetts, but you might also try calling Patterson's Backbay Dancewear, in Burlington, Massachusetts, 800-554-2340. They are a very large dancewear store, I've never been there, but I have ordered many things from them and they are always very helpful. I hope this helps.

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