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Ballet schools in Georgia - Atlanta area

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We are now living closer into the Atlanta area and my daughter is looking for a good ballet school. We have been told to go to Atlanta Ballet. Does anyone have any knowlege of them? There Web site doesn't tell much about the technique they teach and I certainly can't tell anything about their teachers. My daughter is going to be 13 so I will be looking at that age level for teachers.

Thanks for any info!

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kms, there are two other good schools that I know of in that area. One is in Alpharetta, Metropolitan Ballet Theatre, directed by Maniya Barredo. I hold my SI auditions there, and have been very impressed with her students, the atmosphere in the studio, and with Ms. Barredo herself. Magdalena Maury also has a good school in the Atlanta area, but I'm not sure of the area or the exact name of the school. Will try to find out.

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There is a very good school in Roswell, GA. Tolbert-Yilmaz School of Dance, run by Nancy Tolbert-Yilmaz. They are members of the Southeastern Regional Ballet Association. Beauitful stuidos and very well run.

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Thank you, fendrock! I knew that ;) Her students were not able to attend my audition this past Sunday due to a choreographer for their SERBA work being there, and I had forgotten the name of the school and town! Had I seen it on the forms Sunday I would have known.

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There are several good schools in the Atlanta area. You would need to call for a demo class to see which place would be a good fit. I'm not sure where you are or the age of your daughter, but these come to mind for the serious. We've visited them all and each has their own little "quirks and perks" that you'll need to weigh out for yourself.


Feel free to PM me for specific information to help out but I would have her try:


Atlanta Ballet--downtown Atlanta

Georgia Youth Ballet--Fayetteville, GA

Metropolitan Ballet Theatre--Alpharetta, GA

Gwinnett Ballet Theatre--Snellville, GA

Ruth Mitchell Dance Studios-Marietta, Ga



There are also several very good studios (good meaning good technique training) that are not tied to companies and better for younger students.


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Guest BalletFlaMom

KMS - Momfo3darlings is a friend of mine - I have sent her an e-mail. Please feel free to e-mail me at the address below, I'll see if I can "hook you up" with her :-)

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I lived in Atlanta for 7 yrs. and took classes here and there, although I never really found a good fit for me as a non-beginner adult. I will say that I found Rotaru to have the most traditional and structured classes. Frankly, location will be a HUGE issue for you. Atlanta is very spread out (it can take you over an hour to travel from the northern suburbs to the downtown studios of The Atlanta Ballet, for example). Traffic in Atlanta is a mess, and anyone who currently lives there will tell you.

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You can email me with your questions. I'll do what I can to help you.

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I attend Metropolitan Ballet Theatre and am very happy there. It is a very professional school, only with a smaller, more intimate atmosphere. In order to enter the pre-professional division, an audition is required, and there are 5 levels of pre-pro and a post-graduate division. There are a few trainee level classes for younger children that do not require an audition. At 13, your daughter would be taking class every day and be involved with a reasonable amount of rehearsal for Nutcracker and Spring Show, which this year consists of Second Act Giselle, a contemporary ballet, a modern piece, and a classroom-like demonstration involving the school. It is not affiliated with a professional company, but the guest teachers are outstanding, and the summer faculty is great too. Ms. Maniya is a wonderful teacher, and we have her every day. Ruth Mitchell and Nicholas Pacana also teach. If you want a company affiliation and atmosphere, Atlanta Ballet is your best bet. But MBT is also a great school.

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My daughter's company is a newly accepted performing company at SERBA (Southeastern Regional Ballet Association) and we've had the opportunity to observe dancers in class and see performances by The Gwinnett Ballet Theatre of Gwinnett County and have always thought they really stand out. I have never been to their studios so cannot speak to that, but the quality of the dancers training appears to be quite high. Several of their dancers have been recipients of scholarships awarded at SERBA over the past couple years also. Hope that helps some.

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Guest AtlantaDncr

I know im not a mom or dad... im only 13. but i was looking for a thread for my parents and found this. In a month I am auditioning for Georgia Ballet. I think this might be a good school for you to look into. if you have any questions, PM me or you can go to their webpage http://www.georgiaballet.org/ At the school I'm currently at, my dance teacher professionally dances there. so im sure i can get soem more info from her too. I hope everything works out and you can find a good school.!!



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I read on another forum that someone was looking for information about Atlanta Ballet's school...so I thought I'd move this over and up. :green:

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