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Ballet schools in Georgia - Atlanta area

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Victoria Leigh

Pirouettegirl123, for any school's schedule you will need to know your level. Gwinnett Ballet Theatre is a pre-pro school, with daily classes for the top levels. Contact the school and set up a placement audition class. Once you know your level, you will have a schedule. :)

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They are a new small studio with decent training. They offer ballet, contemporary, and TRX training. They're the home of Summer Dance Company, which is their summer intensive. I have had a few classes with the owner at my current school. She is a good teacher but tends to fixate on a select group of students who follow her from studio to studio. For example, she previously owned a different studio which she later sold. Then she taught at my school, and now she owns Ballet Institute of Atlanta. I think that her classes are very challenging and they have a good schedule. Regarding performance opportunities, they get to perform several times a year at various events.

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Speaking as a parent who looked into BIA, I can tell you that the owner is quick to respond to inquiries and very informative. When I asked about her schedule, she sent me a full list of the class offerings as well as an invitation for my dancer to come try out a class or multiple classes.


Our family did not choose BIA, mainly because it is small and class levels are (or at least were) combined because the faculty was essentially only two teachers. They may have added some faculty since we were checking them out. I am sure the owner will give you any information you need about that.


Best of luck to you!

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Hello - I'm also investigating pre-pro ballet options in the Atlanta metro area. Is any one familiar with International City School of Ballet in Smyrna? The primary instructor and owner is Gerone Aucoin and her husband. They seem to be focused on solid technique and do participate in competitions. I realize she has trained a dancer that is in the corp currently at Houston Ballet at only 17 yrs (?) but I'm not certain of her qualifications/professional dance experience. Thanks!

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International City Ballet was first a school in Warner Robins or Macon. It was a well regarded school there for many years prior to Georne' moving her school to Smyrna. She has had several students do incredibly well at YAGP and other competitions. She has several videos up on Youtube of her classes.

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Many of the schools have youtube videos and social media pages and this really helps when trying to select one. You can also call to try a class in most cases. 

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Forgot to say you can also request evaluation as well in many cases. You may pay a small fee but it's well worth it.

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We may be relocating to Atlanta next summer so I'm starting to do some research on places for our daughter to dance next year. She will be 15, will be a sophomore, and this is her 5th year of being in a pre pro program. She will be looking for strong technical training, and a studio that also includes modern and/or contemporary in their program. She will be attending public high school so we're also looking at schools she might attend and make a choice based on both. Thanks for the help. 

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Temps de cuisse

The Atlanta metro area is large and traffic can play a major factor in commute times. Where in the metro area are you locating? There are a wide variety of excellent programs available.

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