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Ballet schools in Georgia - Atlanta area

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It is BT4D Policy not to make individual recommendations.  

These threads are to provide first-hand information regarding the schools in the geographic area in question. It will be up to the individual families to visit the schools and determine which ones fill their own personal needs. ūüĎ欆


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I would suggest Atlanta Academy of Ballet and Dance. They have excellent ballet training and¬†also offer many other types of dance. Contemporary, modern, improv, hip hop, musical theater, and tap are just some of the classes they offer. There¬†are 3-4¬†performance opportunities each year with plenty of stage time for each dancer.¬†The time of day works very well with other activities and schooling also. The classes sizes are a good amount. They provide many peers to dance with but maintain a class size that allows everyone to get plenty of¬†personal attention. They offer a ‚ÄúBallet Academy‚ÄĚ program that is for serious dancers looking to take their dancing to the next level. They accept kids (by audition only)¬†around ages 9 and up to be in the program but everyone is split into different levels. Since she will be 15 she should be in one of the higher levels. They do a couple ballet competitions but they are completely optional and won‚Äôt effect anyone who doesn‚Äôt want¬†to do them. One thing I would say is that they are super supportive of one another and try to remain positive as much as they can.¬†If the director sees any negative attitudes she has a meeting with everyone to make sure things are ok and see what needs to happen to fix the situation. This studio also really encourages their students to attend outside summer intensives. Students go all over the country to big schools and little schools to get excellent train.¬†

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I do echo the sentiment in the previous post about Atlanta Academy of Ballet and Dance in Kennesaw/Marietta.  It is a small professional school with professional instruction in a positive, supportive and caring environment.  


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Does anyone know if there is a school or teacher in metro Atlanta that teaches Vaganova method? 

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