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SAB letters?


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Does anyone know about how long it takes for the SAB letters to come? At the audition, they said we'd get them in 1-2 weeks. I've heard that the sooner you get your letter, the results are better (I knew someone that got their acceptance letter in 3 days), but then I know someone else who got in and didn't hear until 2 weeks were up. So I don't know:confused: It's been 8 days...

Also, can you call and see why you didn't get in if you don't? Because last year when we called, they wouldn't tell us, but I know people that they have told what was wrong. I don't really have a bad body, feet, and I'm not inflexible, so I'm not sure what they want? :rolleyes:

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There is absolutely no way to predict when the letters will arrive from any of the auditions. The auditioner may turn in the results immediately, but then the office has to do the letters, they have to be signed by someone, and then mailed. There is most likely no order to the way they are done, and there is certainly no predicting the snail mail service! Some letters mailed the same day will arrive the next, and others 5 days later, or more. So, there is nothing you can do but wait, and don't try to put any spin on what it means in terms of the length of time it takes.


I'll give you an example of the way I do it. After each audition I spend a couple of days going over the registration forms and my notes and making the decisions on acceptance and levels. This is not an instant process. It takes time. Then, I turn that in to the office and they prepare all the letters from that audition. Then they are given to me to sign. How long that takes depends on how long the office takes to get them to me, and then when I can find the time to sign them. Then they are mailed by the office, so I have no control over exactly when they go out. I try to see that all letters are mailed within two weeks of each audition. But, when they will actually arrive at their destination is always a mystery :rolleyes: But, I don't send out acceptances or non-acceptance first. They all go at the same time.

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Thanks for clearing that up Ms. Leigh. I never really thought of it the way you explained it, how many people the letters have to go through until they're mailed.So I guess I'll just have to wait:)

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