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I finaly descovered a ballet teacher that gives adult classes in my area. Can't wait for the 5th of Feb. when her classes for adults begin. When I asked her about the dress code for her classes, she said anything comfortable.

Any sugestions what will be appropriate for my first class ?



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Standard ballet clothing for men is:

* men's ballet tights

* T-shirt (not too loose) or men's leotard

* ballet slippers, black or white


Many men beginning ballet do not feel comfortable wearing the above. It's hard to work on ballet if you're feeling self-conscious about your body or what you're wearing; that's probably why the teacher said what she said.


Just make sure you have ballet slippers (ask your teacher). You absolutely cannot dance without them.

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Hi Welcome Fred,

I have been attending adult ballet classes for just over a year now.I can understand how excited you must be about attending your first ballet class.


I agree with Citibob,ballet shoes/slippers are a must.As to dress code we wear comfortable clothing.Now that I have a year of ballet class experience I would not be shy if I were asked to wear ballet tights.I hope this note helps !.


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Hi Fred,


Welcome into ballet!


Your post awakened a lot of memories for me : the excitation before my first dance class, which was a private jazz class. I remember having looked more at the studio windows to make sure nobody was watching me than at myself in the mirror. At that occasion, I wore a white tee shirt, black shorts (not a good idea without a dance belt) and white socks. And then before my first group class, which was also jazz, where I had switched the shorts for a pair of jazz pants (and a dance belt) and added ballet slippers. And finally before my fisrt ballet class where I wore the same atire.


One thing's for sure: I would have never jumped into ballet if thights would have been mandatory right at the beginning. Like yours, our teacher was very opened about this for beginners. It wasn't until we reached elementary 2 (second year) level that she became more strict about the dress code, which is the same as the one citibob describes.


So you pick what you're the most comfortable with the moment you have the slippers and, I would add, a dance belt whatever you wear on top of it.


Jump in and enjoy yourself. If thights and leotard are OK for you, the better. Otherwise, please don't let no formal dress code stop you from trying ballet. This will come later, no doubt about it, but in proper time.


Good luck,



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Hi Fred

You got the dress code from my dancing collegues above, I just want to say

I admire your courage, trying ballet in adult age!!

Good luck, do your best

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My teacher always tells new guys,


"I'd rather have you IN class IN sweats, than not in class at all."


If the thought of wearing tights is too awful to contemplate, seek out looser alternatives at first. However, remember that your instructor can't see what's going on with your muscles inside loose clothing which makes it much more difficult to give corrections.


Whether you wear tights or not, you should invest in a dance belt. They aren't the most comfortable underwear you've ever worn, but they protect you better than anything else.

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I agree with Barretalk 100%, a man must wear a dance belt to take class. It will protect the male genitalia (especially the gonads) from damamge. Fifth position and certain beats of the legs could do damage if "jimmy and the twins" are not pulled up and out of the way. Experiment with several brands until you find something comfortable., or at least tolerable.

As you progress, you may want to try to get into a mixed adult and teen class, many adult classes are for women who want to feel pretty and hear nice music. You may not get the corrections a good dancer would appreciate.


Enjoy yourself and never stop dancing!



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Yes, it's harder to see legs in black tights than in pink or white tights. But the black also adds modesty for a man.

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Hi, in a class where the dress code is not formal and where anything comfortable is aload do you think it will be inapropriate for a male to wear white or maybe pink tights even if this could help the teacher better seeing the working of the muscels.



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I do not like the colour black, so I have purchased blue tights.I have not been asked to wear tights in class yet but I have a few pairs just incase I am asked to wear tights.

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Originally posted by Hilarion

If the instructor ought to be seeing and judging what's going on with our legs, doesn't black sort of defeat the purpose?



Maybe that's why 2 Left feet wore those robin's egg blue tights at Adult Dance Camp. :)

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Originally posted by Fred

Hi, in a class where the dress code is not formal and where anything comfortable is aload do you think it will be inapropriate for a male to wear white or maybe pink tights even if this could help the teacher better seeing the working of the muscels.


I've worn white tights to class before, even though white is generally reserved for performance attire. I think pink would be way over the top even if you could find a pair that weren't totally see-thru. Just one guy's opinion...

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