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Ms. Leigh and Mr. Johnson: I am dying to move up to the next level at my school, but I am not quite there yet, I personally think what I need is a bit more turn-out and strength to hold it, but I would really like to ask my teacher to see her perspective and to know what I should really work on. Do you think it would be inappropriate or rude to ask politely what I need for the next level? Would you, as teachers, be at all vexed if a student asked you this question? I do not want her (my head teacher) to be mad at me or not like me anymore, if she even did in the first place.... what do you think? :confused:

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking a teacher for a face-to-face sitdown talk about what to do. In fact, most teachers would be very happy to accommodate such a request, and flattered to be asked. Just keep your calendar open; the time the teacher has available for such meetings may not coincide with the end of your classes.

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