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Guest Aleasha Barkova

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Guest Aleasha Barkova

My balance on pointe is horrid. No matter how I try, I always end up leaning backwards! I'd really appreciate tips about devoloping better balance and/or breaking this bad habit. Thank you. :^)

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Gee, this is an easy one. You say you lose balance because you lean backwards? OK, don't lean backwards!


Try and think of a plumbline dropped alongside you. The head is centered and erect between the shoulders, and on line with the plumbline. The shoulders are squared and are over the hips, the hips are squared and over the knees, and the knees are over the toes. Try that.

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This might help you too. My teachers tell us that, Whatever way you are falling, Lean the other way. If you are falling backward, Lean forward a little, But not enough to where you fall! It always helps me if I remember to do this.

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I'm not comfortable with the word "lean" in terms of correcting balance, placement, or anything else. It is a matter of adjusting the placement and the weight of the body, not leaning. The body weight must be forward over the legs, and on pointe, when your center of gravity is further away from the floor, you need to have your upper body weight a bit further forward.

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Believe it or not, crunches help a lot for balance. If you can really think of engaging your stomach muscles and keeping your back straight it will help your balance a lot. Also thinking of having your head directly over your supporting foot.

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