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summer intensive??

Guest Lucía

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Guest Lucía

I have other question for you...

I'm listening you talking about summer intensive, and I'd like to know what it is.

and I want to know too if is there in spain some program like that.

thank you!!! :confused:

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Lu, a "summer intensive" is a course of ballet study which is designed to allow a student to study nothing but ballet and related subjects all day long, and sometimes into the evening. They are held in the summer, because in the United States, most schools end their academic year in June and begin again in September.


I don't know of any such programs in Spain, but Rosella Hightower has had a successful summer program for years at her school in Cannes, France. I'll look around, and get back to you. :( In the meantime, if anybody has information for Lu on summer intensives or similar programs IN SPAIN itself, jump in and we'll all know! :rolleyes:

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