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Wow Just Got A Practice Barre!


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I have no idea whether or not I am allowed to do this,

please delete this post if it is innapropriate, but I ordered

a practice barre (6ft) from Finis Jung, and just received it.

It took about 2 weeks from order date. I did not know what

to expect, just looked at other barres for a long time and

got myself a birthday present.


I am thrilled with the quality and construction and stability

of this barre. It will be reasonably easy to store as well, and is

sturdy and lightweight.


I am satisfied beyond what I expected. The price for me

was worth it, shipping was free. I also got a free music CD

due to the size of my order. In addition, Finis emailed me

personally to take care of my order.




I'm stoked. :) :) :D

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I hope you have many years of use with your barre. I bought one about six years ago, bright red and about 2 metres in length, It was great i spent ages every night in my own little ballet world practicing. Now i am afraid to admit that i am using it as a clothes rail in my garage as i have no space in my little flat but all that is about to change when i move in a couple of months. So if you ever get sick of it , its good to know that it doubles up as a clothes rail :D



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Guest sparkle j

I have told myself that if (or *when*) I stick with this for an entire year of regular class going, then I'm going to reward myself on my one year anniversary of going back to dance, with my very own barre at home.


I've already compiled a list of possible sources, so now I'll add this one on as well. thanks for sharing your experience with the purchase.



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Hi Sparkle J,


That is exactly what I did - I just hit my one year anniversary. Voila, my barre.


I am so thoroughly pleased with this one, and it breaks down so fast to store in the closet or under a bed, it is just what I wanted.


I don't think I'd have found anything better, unless it was wall mounted.


I've been trying to figure a way to transport it easily, and a ski bag will fit it very nicely.


Sometimes we go on a holiday, and I can take it with me this way.


Good luck on your one year! :cool:

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