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Wonderful teacher!


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I'm so happy because I've started a new class, and the teacher is simply wonderful! She always takes time to ask after the music has stopped if you have understood her corrections. She never yells over the music and talks calmly to you. Instead she comes closer so she can speak in a normal tone. In this way nobody get stressed when they cannot do a combination right. And she sees EVERYTHING!!! There is no way you can fool her! She takes you seriously even when you're an adult beginner with no chance of a professional career. I just LOVE her!!!


Teachers who yell is really frightening. I've had a teacher who used to yell at us. Even though I wasn't the one that she yelled at, I always had the fear that I could be her next "victim". And it's a sad thing to see, when other people gets upset because of the teacher's humiliating way.

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Hi Sausanne,


I am glad you have found a wonderful teacher, you will find that with the support she is showing you, you will excel or should excel. Remember you have to be an even more wonderful pupil as well now :)

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